Red Traffic Light reduced daily COVID-19 infections in Durango, says Government Secretary

Next Monday the Durango Health and Safety Council will meet to evaluate if the Red Traffic light is maintained or if it advances to the Orange color

Ten days to return to color Red of the Traffic light from Epidemiological Risk by COVID-19, in Durango new cases of the disease have dropped, he highlighted Hector Flores Ávalos, secretary of State Goverment.

In an interview for the radio space of Joaquín López-Dóriga in Radio Formula, explained that the decision to return to Red light was to reverse the larger increase in cases of COVID-19 that was identified in the days prior to the measurement.

The latest indicators, in the last three days, have already shown a considerable decrease both in the number of daily infections and in the speed of reproduction, that is, a person infected with how many more can they infect “, he presumed.

Flores Avalos stated that the most important challenge for the Government of Durango it was. and it still being, inhibit social concentration, especially in bars and restaurants.

For this, a combination of reduction of hours in establishments, Dry Law Y restrict mobility from 10:00 p.m.

In the case of mobility, the official detailed, main avenues and expressways were closed in addition to installing breathalyzers, thus inhibiting people from seeking to go out to parties or meetings.

Another measure that has been successful is restriction of public transport, especially during weekends.

Next Monday the Health and Safety Council to evaluate the behavior of the COVID-19 in the state, data that will be used to define whether to keep the red traffic light or move to orange, which implies a medium risk.

The latest report from the Ministry of Health of Durango indicates that in the entity there are 17,113 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1,45 deaths.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital