Red Lobster found a peculiar lobster in the day’s catch, so he decided to donate it to a zoo to preserve it.

Red Lobster is one of the leading brands in the restaurant industry, thanks to its specialization in seafood.

These actions become important bets of the brands to generate social actions or those with less environmental impact.

The empathy of the brands is one of the many intentions that they have, in order to stand out in the market identifying with the consumer and in this process they resort to various measures, many of them are presented on the go.

Connecting emotionally with consumers is part of the work carried out by brands, in order to identify with the consumer and in this spirit an element that we cannot lose sight of are the activities that are being presented in the market.

The case that we will see with the Red Lobster brand warns us about the opportunity these brands find to be able to identify with the consumer.

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The curious action of Red Lobster

Red Lobster has made a curious decision with which it has generated empathy on the part of the consumer, especially due to the effect this has had on taking one of their lobsters to a zoo.

The peculiar action occurred in Ohio, United States, where the fishing carried to the Red Lobster Cuyahoga Falls, included a rare blue lobster, an animal that caught the attention of the employee in said restaurant.

Through a post made by the Akron Zoo on his Facebook account, it was noted that the Red Lobster employee found the famous blue lobster inside a seafood delivery on Sunday.

According to information from the zoo, only one in 2 million lobsters have this peculiar color on their shells due to a genetic abnormality.



« Our animal care staff was able to quickly jump into action and prepare a new home for him, » zoo staff noted in a Facebook post.

These findings have become common since in May 2019, according to press reports, a restaurant located in Massachusetts also found a blue lobster, which it sent to a local aquarium, while in Maine a fisherman found cotton candy lobsters in two occasions.

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