Red Dead Redemption’s next-gen collection leaked, but don’t get excited

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With the release of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, some players want to return to their favorite titles, since the consoles allow them to enjoy them with some improvements.

Several companies will no doubt use the occasion to re-launch some of their most successful games. According to recent reports, everything indicates that Rockstar Games has plans for Red Dead Redemption and the next generation systems.

Information emerged today about a possible franchise collection for the latest Sony and Microsoft consoles. The striking thing is that the title would not only include the sequel, it would also have a remake of the first installment.

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Store leaks Red Dead Redemption: the Outlaws Collection

According to the details, Red Dead Redemption: The Outlaws Collection appeared momentarily on Amazon. The online store showed the product page, where some details and the cover of the collection were revealed.

The information was withdrawn from Amazon, but some screenshots were taken. Thanks to this, we know that this possible collection will offer visual improvements for both titles, faster loading times and ray tracing.

On the other hand, it is indicated that the first Red Dead Redemption will arrive with an expanded remake, as it would include new missions. The collection would be offered in exchange for $ 69 USD. It is important to mention that, as of this writing, Rockstar has not officially confirmed the game.

Therefore, it is best to wait for the company to confirm or deny the information. Below I leave you the screenshots of this supposed launch.

Should you believe the Red Dead Redemption leak?

It is worth remembering that in June of this year a rumor emerged about a hypothetical remake of Red Dead Redemption. The informant assured at that time that the new version of the title would be revealed in the first half of this year, which did not happen.

So, it is not entirely clear if the report was true and Rockstar had some problems presenting the game as planned. On the other hand, it is noted that the remake would use the engine of the sequel.

Subsequently, a prominent insider questioned the rumor about the remake, claiming that the sources of the information had little credibility. That said, players are now again hopeful of improved versions of both installments.

Some players believe that the cover of the supposed collection has enough clues to say that it is false, since an editing work is not ruled out. We have seen doctored product pages appear on Amazon in the past, so this could be the case.

The community believes that, if the new report is true, Red Dead Redemption: The Outlaws Collection could be revealed at The Game Awards 2020 on December 10, but nothing has been confirmed.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In this link you will find more details about the Rockstar title.