Red Bull will be ready to fight Mercedes when F1 returns

Max Verstappen had driven a 32-point gap over Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ championship after winning all three races in France and Austria, but has come into the August break eight points behind after two finishes of week full of incidents.

At Silverstone, Verstappen suffered a 51G accident at Copse after touching Hamilton (who was found guilty), while in Hungary he was the victim of Valtteri Bottas, which caused a multiple accident in which Lando Norris’s McLaren was shot at the Dutchman. .

Despite losing a great deal of downforce, Verstappen was able to score two points, but that succession of what he called “strange moments” cost him the championship lead. In the constructors’ world championship, Mercedes He also surpassed his rival, who is already 12 points ahead.

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The Verstappen team leader, Horner, has promised that Red Bull will go all out when racing at Spa-Francorchamps resumes at the end of August and is confident that his team’s streak of bad luck will end.

“We have won six races in the first half of the year,” Horner said.

“The races we haven’t added in, if you look at Azerbaijan, it wasn’t Max’s fault, Silverstone wasn’t Max’s fault, here it wasn’t Max’s fault.”

“Then our luck will change. Over the course of a season it will balance out and I am looking forward to the second half of the year.”

“I think the whole team deserves a well deserved rest and the drivers will have a good rest and believe me, we will go out to fight in the second half of this championship, so it will be interesting.”

Red Bull He left Hungary especially frustrated by all the accident damage he racked up in addition to engine problems for both Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Pérez, who was knocked out in the carnage at Turn 1.

Before the race, Verstappen was forced to switch to his third and final Honda engine, due to a problem likely a consequence of his Silverstone accident, while Pérez is also on the edge as his damaged engine at the Hungaroring will probably not be possible. re-use.

If the change of engine of “Checo” Pérez is confirmed, both drivers would be sanctioned on the grid when they inevitably have to mount a fourth power unit during the second half of the course.

“It’s clear it’s not going to help,” Horner admitted.

“We have a lot of accident damage and probably two engines that we have lost due to the actions of other drivers, so yeah, very frustrating.”

“But you know what, we are one and two apart in points.”

“We come to the summer break, we have been very unlucky in the last two races, it has been quite brutal in terms of damage, parts and engines, but we will shake ourselves and fight in the second half of this championship.”

“Obviously it has been a difficult couple of weeks, but things can change very quickly as we have just seen, and there is a long way to go in this championship.”

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