This is the first time that both parties have met to meet

They will talk about the RB16, the evolution of Honda and how to fight against Mercedes

Formula 1 returns to the track this weekend to compete in the British GP and Red Bull and Honda will take advantage to meet. The purpose of this meeting will be to analyze the current situation and the lower performance compared to Mercedes, which is postulating one more season as the rival to beat.

Honda F1 director Masashi Yamamoto acknowledges that they need to step forward to get closer to the Brackley team. It should be remembered that Honda has not started off well this 2020 both in reliability and in power. In these circumstances, the Japanese will meet Red Bull at Silverstone in an appointment that they had pending from the Australian GP.

“Red Bull and Honda must share their vision that they are not in a position to face Mercedes at the moment. Therefore, we decided to hold a meeting with Red Bull leaders before the British GP. We will talk to them and we will do it at the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes. It is supposed to be done around July 29 or 30“Yamamoto said in statements to the Japanese website Auto Sport Web.

Yamamoto has called for calm and made it clear that it is not an emergency meeting, but was planned to be held at the beginning of the season. However, it has not been possible until now for the covid-19.

“It is not an emergency meeting. Due to the covid-19, it was never held this year. Originally, I was planning to do it at the Australian GP in March, but it was canceled. We wanted to have a video conference after that, but the factory closed. I would like to firmly discuss the RB16, the evolution of Honda’s power unit and how to fight in the future“, has manifested.

The Japanese has revealed who usually participates in this type of meeting both by Honda and by Red Bull. He himself will be present, in addition to Horner or Marko, although sometimes Newey also contributes his points of view.

“The participants are usually Asaki – head of development of the Honda power unit -, Tanabe – technical director -, Aoyama, Watanabe – director of brand communication – and myself. On behalf of Red Bull, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko attend regularly and when it affects technical matters, Adrian Newey will always be present, “confirmed Yamamoto to finish.

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