Verstappen: “I don’t expect an easy victory, but let’s try it”

Albon: “Everything has been a good feeling so far, I want to run”

Red Bull is ready to show its credentials from Austria’s first race. Those of Milton Keynes want 2020 to be their best season of the entire hybrid era, and for this, a third consecutive victory in this circuit would be the best possible start. Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon are ready to face this demanding and alternative 2020 campaign.

Max Verstappen:

“I really want to go back to running, although it will be very rare to do it without fans. I want to get back in the car. I have been training for the maximum for six weeks and I feel better than when I arrived in Australia.”

“Also, the first two races of the season are going to be at Red Bull’s house. Of course, it will be a shame not to have fans supporting us, there are always great fans from my country in Austria. They always give their all when they cheer you on and make them you feel a lot better with a victory. We hope to give you the best show possible “..

“I hope to fight to be world champion in 2020. It is somewhat complicated, but I am sure that we will give everything to be in the fight. Mercedes is still the team to beat, they have been very dominant in all these years and they continue to be a very strong team. ”

“We as a team have learned a lot in recent years and we are very strong. We have confirmed a few races in which we are going to look to stand up to Mercedes and also try to defeat them.”

“I would rather be a world champion than a triplet of victories in Red Bull Ring. I don’t care which circuit to win, what matters to me is having a car that allows me to fight and give my all. Last year it was very hot and we have not had temperature problems. I think Mercedes is going to be very strong and Ferrari is also going to be there. ”

“We are going to have to work hard to win. Honda has worked very hard and I am very happy with everything they have done, they are very motivated and want to fight for the title.”

Alexander Albon:

“I’m fine. We have been without races for a long time and there has also been a time of uncertainty, in which we did not know what could happen. I am very happy to have participated in the filming day. I really wanted to run. Now I want to jump from back on track, I’ve waited a long time for this moment. It’s been a long time since the last race, I want to start again. ”

“For now, we do not know how many races we are going to run this year, or the circuits we are going to. Of course, our work will not change, we have to give everything and make the most of our potential every weekend. week. With so many consecutive races, we will have less time to prepare each one. ”

“I think the teams are going to be flexible like the drivers, but they will also seek to understand how the car works as well as possible. I think that as a team we are going to do well, Red Bull does not usually have many problems adapting to a season.”

“The classification here is not usually very simple, there are few corners and you need to get your full potential, everything is very tight. Of course, what happens on Saturday does not have much to do with Sunday, Max already made it clear in both recent years. The race is very important and having a good car that takes good care of the tires too. We had a good car in the preseason tests and also in the filming day. Everything has been good feelings so far, let’s see what happens when start the season. ”

Christian horner, team leader:

“During the confinement we have worked a lot on the current and future rules. We have sought a balance, since this project is not something individual, but affects the whole sport. The budget ceiling has been reduced and we have signed other types of commitments that have made collaboration during this crisis more effective. ”

“Since the start of the pandemic, Red Bull has helped a lot to get Formula 1 back into action again. We have to thank the leadership of the entire team and also all the members for all the effort they have made. F1 will be back on track this weekend and there will be not one, but two races in Austria. We will try to make the most of this double date in our country. ”

“I think it will be a fantastic season. The drivers are going to have many races in a row, but they are professionals, they are going to get used to it quickly, I have no doubt. It is going to be an intense season and different from what we are used to. The pressure and the dynamics are also going to be different, so I really want to start. I think we are well positioned to have possibly our strongest season since 2013. ”

“We hope to get a good handful of points in the first race. The pressure for Max will not be different from what he has had in other years. He has had a good winter. Mercedes is good and I think that in this beginning of the season, they are the ones Yes, I think Max and Alex are very strong and they can surely give their all and be in the fight with Mercedes this year. Also, Alex is going to have great opportunities this season and I think it may be one of the biggest surprises of this year. year”.

“We don’t know where we are going to be for this race. Each team has developed the car in a way. We would have had improvements for the first European races at Zandvoort and Barcelona and then also for the Canadian GP. They are improvements that are not They have tested on the track, so there will have to be reviews after free practice. ”

“We have also improved our engine, this would have been the second specification for this season, but it will be the first. Honda is increasingly integrated into the team and they have worked very hard on this break. They are very ambitious, just like us.”

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