Christian Horner says small teams will need to spend more money

The British believes that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will continue to lead in 2021

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team boss, says that the ‘New Deal’ in Formula 1 will make small teams spend more money than they do today. The Briton hopes to stop the introduction of measures that will save money for the teams, despite the fact that they have already received the approval of the majority of teams in the absence of a green light from the World Motor Racing Council.

The ‘New Deal’ of Formula 1 for 2021 deals – in addition to the already confirmed budget ceiling – of three more aspects: a handicap system in terms of aerodynamic development, the use of open source parts and a token system in development of the chassis. This is something that Horner disagrees with and ensures that small teams will have to spend more money.

Consequently, it is understood that Red Bull has voted against the introduction of these saving measures in a meeting that took place yesterday. Remember that the FIA ​​changed its regulations to save the sport: the unanimity of the participants in a championship is no longer necessary to modify the regulations, only a majority.

“I’m not a big fan of running at a disadvantage. For that very reason, we will try to avoid these changes in the regulations. In addition, it will have a significant impact on small teams, simply this will make them have to spend more money, “the Red Bull team boss told The Race.

It’s ironic that small teams have to spend more money, since they will have to do more tests than normal. It’s kinky in that regard, but you have more development time when you back off. In addition, there are at least six teams that operate with a budget greater than the budget limit, so they should know how to maximize their activity within the ceiling as well, “he insisted.

On the other hand, he thinks that the budget ceiling will only make the difference between the first and the last team smaller, and will not change Formula 1 entirely. However, he believes that the best teams in the middle zone will most likely fight with today’s leading teams.

“We will have a spending limit and we have to see how it works. Luckily, it will only serve to make the differences between the first and the last one smaller, Formula 1 is not going to change completely. Of course, there will be more opportunities for the fourth team to be ahead. Let’s see how it works and what kind of effect it has. ”

Finally, Horner argues that despite the introduction of the budget ceiling, large teams will continue to outperform small teams.

I think the best three teams will most likely stay on top. Even in Formula 3000 with Red Bull Arden despite changes in regulations, we were able to win three championships consecutively, “Horner said to finish.

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