Red Alert in England by Declan Rice

04/05/2021 at 9:25 PM CEST

Have been lit all alarms in London, in particular, and in England, in general, after learning about the Declan Rice injury. The midfielder of West Ham is low today before him Wolverhampton after doctors have diagnosed you with a knee injury that suffered during the concentration with the English team.

The first evaluations have estimated that will be off the pitch for about six weeks. Even so, doctors have not ventured to predict any exact recovery period and remain waiting to be able to carry out more tests throughout this week when knee swelling goes down.

Without a doubt, a tremendously important loss for the West Ham facing the end of the season where they will fight to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League.

The Eurocup, in danger

But not only David moyes You must be worried about your captain, but also Gareth Southgate. The midfielder has become a 22-year-old fundamental pillar for the English coach, already today It is not confirmed that he can be in the Eurocup. In fact, it could come very fair in the event that the injury was more serious than expected.

England opens on June 13 against Croatia, there is a little over two months left, but in the absence of more scans no possible scenario is ruled out.