Recreativo Granada takes all three points against Marino (1-2)

04/03/2021 at 9:45 PM CEST

The Recreativo Granada won in the fiefdom of Marine by 1-2 the meeting that began its journey in the Second Phase of Second B, held this Saturday in the Antonio Dominguez Alfonso. With this result, the Granada team is first with 26 points at the end of the match and the Marine seventh with 10 points in the locker after the match.

The first part of the confrontation began facing the Granada team, who inaugurated the luminous with a goal from Caio Emerson in the 27th minute, thus ending the first period with a 0-1 on the scoreboard.

In the second half, luck came for the aronero team, who got the tie with a goal of Dimas in minute 61. However, the Recreativo Granada He advanced his team thanks to a goal from Echu in 92, during the extra minutes that the match referee decided to add, concluding the match with a score of 1-2.

Both coaches moved the benches. The coach of the Marine gave entrance to Jurgen, Borja Llarena, Rodrigo Rivas, Merkulov and Faris Abdel by N’Diaye, Nami, Al Moukhta, German and Dimas, Meanwhile he Recreativo Granada gave the green light to Migue, Nuha, Echu and Diego Diaz by Caio Emerson, Aranda, Dani plomer and Fobi.

The referee decided to caution two players. On the part of the locals the yellow card went to German and by the Recreativo Granada admonished Chaff.

With this result, the Marine gets 10 points and the Recreativo Granada get 26 points after winning the match.

On the second day the Marine will play against him Sports Lorca away from home and the Recreativo Granada will play his match against him Marbella at home.

Data sheetMarine:Galván, Álvaro, Saavedra, Samuel, Nami (Borja Llarena, min.46), Dimas (Faris Abdel, min.84), Al Moukhta (Rodrigo Rivas, min.46), N’Diaye (Jurgen, min.34), Anaba, Ekangamene and Alemán (Merkulov, min.67)Recreativo Granada:Joao Costa, Fobi (Diego Díaz, min.84), Montoro, Isma Ruiz, Álvaro Bravo, Caio Emerson (Migue, min.68), Dani Plomer (Echu, min.75), Torrente, Alberto López, Aranda (Nuha, min.68) and BarciaStadium:Antonio Dominguez AlfonsoGoals:Caio Emerson (0-1, min. 27), Dimas (1-1, min. 61) and Echu (1-2, min. 92)