recover online mode on PC with this mod

Although the most recent and present title of the saga is GTA V, other titles of the same such as GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas and even GTA: Vice City are still very present among the gaming community, as it shows us, for example , the GTA: Vice City Beta Edition project, which we talked about a few days ago, and which offers us to test the game as it was initially conceived. And this is just one of many, as also the modder community has his eyes on the GTAs, with some very interesting proposals.

The latest to arrive is an update to the popular Grand Theft Auto Connected mod, 1.2.25, which offers full support for GTA IV, thus allowing players to launch your own servers to play the title in online mode, a lack that no one explained when the version Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition arrived on Steam, a little over a year ago, and that still does not make sense.

Previous versions of Grand Theft Auto Connected GVA III, Vice City and San Andreas now allowed to play online And, yes, as with those titles, to be able to use the multiplayer mode of GVA IV, as I have indicated before, it is necessary to start up a server, to which all the clients that are going to access the game and that, in turn, must also install the client software to be able to connect to the server.

Grand Theft Auto Connected offers synchronization of missions, traffic and NPCsalong with the possibility of using custom objects and some aesthetic elements, such as dynamically melting snow. However, by far the most interesting thing is to be able to walk the streets of Liberty City again, as we already did once when we put ourselves in the shoes of Niko Bellic in the GTA IV story mode, when he discovered the American dream , at least for him, it had more overtones of being a nightmare than anything else.

Much of the success of GTA V when so many years have passed since its launch is directly related to the online mode. Whether to play missions or, as more and more people do, to role-play. Right now, for example, it’s the fourth most viewed category on Twitch. GTA IV does not even remotely have the same numbers, but the ability to move the role-playing game model, which works so well in Los Santos, to Liberty City with GTA IV, may attract many players including myself .

With information from Dark Side of Gaming