It was the most viewed network on Saturday and Sunday and in the main bands, and yesterday equaled its second best Sunday of the season.

It broadcast the three broadcasts with the largest audience on both days and was the preferred channel to follow the appearance of the Prime Minister on Saturday.

News Telecinco 15:00 hours signed its most watched broadcast on Saturday since March 2008, ‘Saturday Deluxe’ registered its best brand of viewers since October 2013. Historical records for ‘Viva la vida’ on Saturday and ‘Socialité by Cazamariposas’ yesterday Sunday.

One more weekend, Telecinco it was the great reference of the spectators with its offer of information and entertainment. It was the most viewed both on Saturday and Sunday, in practically all time slots and offered the three most viewed broadcasts of both days, registering different records in its offer of own production programs and informative editions.

‘Survivors: Honduras Connection’ was the most viewed space on Sunday and I mark a new record viewers in this edition with an average of 3,328,000 viewers, a 21.5% share. In addition, it hosted the golden minute of the day at 22:52 with 4,005,000 viewers, 20.8%.

They followed in the ranking of broadcasts with the largest audience of the day Telecinco News 15:00, with an average of 3,008,000 viewers, a 17.8% share, its Most viewed issue since October 12, 2008; and Telecinco News 21:00, with 2,848,000 followers and a 15.4% share of the screen, its best share of the season on Sunday.

At the table, he highlighted the historical record of ‘Socialité by Cazamariposas’, which was followed by 2.3M viewers and recorded an 18.9% share.

As a result, Telecinco was the Most watched chain on Sunday with 16%, its second best data in total day of the season, and led the prime time, with 17.1%, the day time, with 15.6%, the morning, with 12%, the desktop, with 15.8%, the afternoon, with 16% , and the late night, with 24.2%. Furthermore, the set of Mediaset Spain channels reached 29.5%, its best sunday of the year.

Most viewed broadcast of Deluxe Saturday Deluxe ’since 2013

The Saturday, Telecinco also repeated as the leader chain of the day with 16% and also topped the main time slots: prime time, with 17%, day time, with 15.6%, desktop, with 14.8%, late, with 18.4%, and late night, with 22.3%.

A leadership sustained again in the great track record for their own production and news programs throughout the day and especially Deluxe Saturday Deluxe ’, which with an average of 3,018,000 viewers and a 19.9% ​​share scored its Most viewed issue since October 18, 2013. In addition, it was the second space with the largest audience of the day after the appearance of the Prime Minister, also in Telecinco, where it stood as the most followed of all the chains with an average of 3,030,000 viewers and a 19.8% share of the screen.

Completed the podium of the most watched broadcasts Telecinco News 15:00, with 2,767,000 viewers and a 17% share, its Most watched broadcast on Saturday since March 13, 2004. In prime time, Telecinco News 21:00 recorded his third most watched broadcast of the season on this day of the week with 2,716,000 viewers and 15.2%.

The high monitoring experienced by the channel throughout the day also led to ‘Live life’ to beat your historical record on Saturday with 2,610,000 viewers and 17.1%.