recommend lettuce infusion to sleep

The existence of TikTok hoaxes It is something that we have more than clear. However, they do not cease to amaze us, we must admit it. One of the most recent is the one that ensures that taking boiled water with lettuce it can be good for sleeping. The advice is as gross as it is ineffective. Of course, it must be recognized that, unlike with other virals on this social network, this at least part of something relatively real.

There is a study on this, yes, but between what the researchers did and what the video recommends there is an abysmal distance. Does it work for them? Well, it seems that it is, but we already know that the Placebo effect it can be really powerful. Especially when it comes to topics like insomnia. However, what is not clear is that the flavor of the concoction outweighs the results. They try to mask it a little bit, but it doesn’t seem to work much.

Lettuce breaks into TikTok hoaxes

The story emerged with the video posted by a user of the social network called shapla_11. In it, he displayed a somewhat unpleasant recipe; which, according to her, was great for sleeping. It basically consists of putting in a cup some lettuce leaves and, over them, boiling water.

It is also advisable to add a little tea because the taste is not exactly good. Even so it is still a unappetizing concoction, but when the insomnia lurks, you do anything to avoid it. Therefore, the publication did not take long to go viral when many others tiktokers They assured that it had worked for them too.

However, as with other hoaxes on TikTok or any social network, it was not really working for them because of the lettuce itself. Lettuce, broccoli or carrot would have been the same. What is making them sleep better is the Placebo effect. Now, how could they come to the conclusion that boiled lettuce helps you fall asleep?

A misunderstood study

In an article on this topic published in IFLScience, they mention the study that may have caused this confusion.

An extract from a plant is not the same as the whole plant

Some of the TikTok users who reply to the video specify that the lettuce must be roman. And they say it because it is with this variety that in 2017 it was shown that it could be improve the sleep of mice.

However, there are two very important things to keep in mind. One, that just because something works in these laboratory rodents does not mean that it will work in humans as well. Another, that what they were given was not directly lettuce, or an infusion, as in the video. Was a extract of its leaves and seeds, rich in lactucine, a substance that has been shown to have sedative effects.

The authors of this work found that to achieve the desired effects on the sleep of the animals it was necessary to administer between 80 and 160 mg per kilo of weight bodily. For a human weighing 60 kilos, this would be 4.8 to 9.6 grams of extract. It is something impossible to achieve with a lettuce leaf infusion like the one shown in the study.

This is a common thing. Many plants have been shown to have active principles with different beneficial effects on health, but for this they are necessary exact doses of extracts that cannot be achieved by taking the plant alone. As much as sometimes the local herbalist insists that it is.

So yeah, the one with lettuce is another one of those TikTok hoaxes how famous they are getting. It is an interesting social network, as it can be used to send necessary information to the youngest. But also a powerful spreader of fake news and advice. You have to be vigilant to know how to detect them. Or, if not, just stick with the dances, which at least don’t hurt anyone. Well, lettuce with boiling water either, but is that really worth having?

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