Recent reports indicate that Apple suppliers may be testing foldable iPhone prototypes

According to some leaks, Apple intends to launch these versions of iPhone in 2022. The release of the iPhone 14 is planned for this date.

Little by little, folding telephones are being integrated among the main electronic manufacturers in the world. However, it is a technology that requires slower acceptance than the rest of the devices. Samsung Y Motorola they already launched theirs, Huawei too. Nokia Y Xiaomi they are advanced in their projects. But soon a new guest could be arriving: Manzana.

Recent reports indicate that some suppliers of the company based in Cupertino (California), would be testing some folding iPhone prototypes. The process is in the testing phase, but according to a report that reviews Phone Arena they dare to put a launch date on it.

The provider that would be testing these foldable iPhone versions is Foxconn. While the medium that ensures the information is Economic Daily. They also add that this Apple cell phone model could come out in September 2022. The iPhone 14 would be scheduled for this date.

Apple and its folding phone project

Without a doubt, the test phase points to the most important feature of folding phones: their screen. From Apple they verify the use of OLED or micro-LED technologies. They also evaluate how the assembly process would be.

Review the aforementioned portal that a MacBook Pro, before going on the market, goes through a testing process. In this, the first prototype is opened and closed between 20 and 30 thousand times. So for this new product Apple would have asked the provider (Foxconn) to triple the test mode to about 100,000 executions.