The video shows the woman denying with the help of the Government, especially for sending Zote soap, which according to the beneficiary, was “dog soap”

By: Web Writing

A woman, originally from Honduras, could not hide his anger when opening a pantry, since this package contained a bar soap Zote, typical for washing clothes.

In the video, published on social networks, it is observed when the woman opens the plastic bag and begins to take out the food.

Among the inputs, the Honduran woman gets the soap of pink bar.

Soap dog sent us. This soap it’s for bathing dogs, not for people, “the woman shouts.

Furthermore, it alleges that with that pantry “he doesn’t eat 15 days” and he complains because they didn’t send him toilet paper.

The aid packages came from Guillermo Maldonado, a leader of a local church, which he would have distributed after rains that have affected the Cucamel beach region.

“This shit is useless, this soap of dog that they sent us, this soap It is for bathing dogs, not for bathing people, Maldonado, “the woman shouted.

The reaction of the woman has caused controversy on the Internet, as many believe that she should be grateful to have received even a little help from the government of her country.

Internet users, have already nicknamed the woman #LadyZote and have come to the defense of him soap, making the woman the protagonist of several memes.