It is no secret to anyone that David Bowie is one of the first and greatest influences of the bands or artists we hear today, thanks to that avant-garde touch that he had not only in his music, but also in the way he performed on stage, an inspiration for the following generations, and we are sure that all of them would have done anything to get to know him and in one of those work with him.

Beyond thinking about recording a song with Mr. Bowie, most would have been satisfied with his appearing at one of their concertsLittle by little? There were many artists who had the honor of having him in one of their shows, But there are also others who inadvertently hit him and a little hooked, and that is the case of the Arctic Monkeys.


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It is no secret to anyone that Alex Turner and company are big fans of David Bowie’s work –Like all of us–, although unfortunately they could never have it inside one of their albums. However, the legendary musician was interested in his music, to such an extent that he went to a show of his and inadvertently, -although they do not believe it- Sheffield gang staff pulled him out because he wasn’t on the VIP guest list. Yes, it’s not a joke.

In an interview for BBC Radio 2, Turner y Matt Helders They talked about the key moments in the band’s history and suddenly Bowie’s name came up on the topic, so it was inevitable not to tell this embarrassing story. It turns out that the great Ziggy Stardust arrived at an Arctic Monkeys concert in New York and managed to get to where the reserved guest seats were.

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That precise space was solely for the band’s family, friends, and special guests – a place that Mr. David Bowie was totally used to. According to what Alex Turner says, the musician went to the dressing rooms after the show and he and Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O’Malley, They could greet him and talk for a while with this great music.

But not everything was wonderful that night, because by taking his place in the arena, Bowie was not as well received as expected. The musician with this rockstar touch, he came and thought that just because he was he would have a special place to see the band, who at that time was on the album tour A.M, but The Starman came up with the idea of ​​sitting in the area reserved for the Arctic Monkeys family.

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Matt Helders says there was a place for the band’s guests, But Bowie wasn’t on the list because they didn’t expect anything else to come like this: “They had tables on top for our families and VIP guests, and I think Bowie was sitting there with whoever came.”

With the high demand for these seats desired by many, the Arctic Monkeys staff knew that the members’ families were desperate to find the best place to see them live, so they made one of the most difficult decisions of their entire lives, telling Bowie to “cup the wing.”

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“Our tour manager didn’t even notice and moved it so my brother and his wife could sit there, so they had a better view of the show, Helders explained. Despite everything and being a true gentleman, Bowie knew that he shouldn’t be there and he kept himself humble during all that time: “He didn’t say anything like, ‘I’m David Bowie,’ he just moved politely and then came over to say hello,” the Arctic Monkeys drummer concluded.

Without a doubt this is one of the stories that you will surely never forget, when David Bowie came to his show and in the midst of the chaos (and especially without asking) they took him out so that his relatives had a great view. And this is where we ask them, what would you have done? 🤔

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