May 6, 1917 launched one of the greatest rivalries in São Paulo, Brazilian and world football. It was the date of the first match between Palmeiras, called Palestra Itália at that time, and Corinthians. This Wednesday, 103 years of Derby are celebrated. The initial duel took place at the Campeonato Paulista, in Parque Antártica.

Classic happened for the first time on May 6, 1917 (Photo: Disclosure / Palmeiras)

Photo: Lance!

Who did better in the debut of the classic was the Lecture, which ended up applying the score of 3 to 0 thanks to Caetano Izzo, who had not yet turned 20 and made the hat-trick of that first encounter. In all, the player played in 13 derbis and scored seven times.

On the other hand, the black-and-white man went to the game undefeated for three years, in 25 matches, but ended up falling to his rival. From that day, the classic ended up installed in São Paulo. Since then, the teams went through several games, with controversies, goals, titles and, of course, a lot of provocation. To date, there have been 362 matches, with 127 wins to one side, 127 to the other and 108 draws. The alviverde team rocked the nets 517 times and the alvinegros another 481 times.

However, the score used by Palmeiras is different, as it considers duels in the extinct Torneio Inicio and the Henrique Mundel Cup. In this case, there would be 372 games, with 131 Palmeirense triumphs, 112 draws and 129 Corinthians victories.

Some moments deserve to be highlighted in this history, such as the achievements of Paulista in 1954, 1995 and 1999 by Corinthians; while Palmeiras beat their rivals in the states of 1936, 1938, 1974 and 1993, Rio-São Paulo of 93 and Brazilian of 94. The 1999 Libertadores, won by Palmeiras after passing through Corinthians in the quarterfinals, also yields games until today.

This year, the teams would meet for the first time on April 22, for the São Paulo Championship, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the game was postponed and there is still no date to be rescheduled.

6/5/1917 – Sunday (afternoon)
Competition: Paulista Championship, first round
Place: Antarctica Park, Sao Paulo (SP)
Referee: Octavio Bicudo
Goals: Caetano, 18 ‘/ 2ºT (1-0), Caetano, 25’ / 2ºT (2-0) and Caetano, 39 ‘/ 2ºT (3-0)

LECTURE ITALY: Flosi, Grimaldi, Bianco, Bertolini, Picagli, Fabbi, Minister, Caetano, Heitor, Orlando and Martinelli. Coach: Bianco Spartaco Gambini.

CORINTHIANS: Russo, Adelino, Casemiro González, Ciasca, Plínio, César Nunes, Américo, Marconi, Amílcar, Apparício and Neco. Coach: Amílcar Barbuy.

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