Reasons why you should watch “The Exterminating Angel”

Photo: Silvia Pinal in ‘The Exterminating Angel’ / Vía Altura Films International

A day like today was born in Calanda, Spain in 1900 one of the most legendary filmmakers in the history of cinema, Luis Buñuel and now we remember his legacy with one of his most iconic films.

During the days of quarantine and social distancing that are lived around the world, the film « The Exterminating Angel » directed by Luis Buñuel it could be the perfect choice to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

It is a film released in 1962, which stars Silvia Pinal, always in the surrealist line that characterized the iconic naturalized Mexican Spanish filmmaker, Luis Buñuel.

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The film follows a group of burghers as they enjoy a dinner inside a mansion, throughout the night and after the cooks and servants have left, the guests realize that they cannot leave the room, although there is none. logical reason for it.

The days go by, and the characters have to survive as best they can before the confinement that this reduced space represents. It is a portrait and social satire of the bourgeoisie, their ways and how they end up becoming a ball of savages.

The filmmaker commented as part of his biographical book « My Last Sigh »: “Sometimes I have regretted having filmed in Mexico The Exterminating Angel. I imagined it rather in Paris or London, with European actors and a certain luxury in the costumes and accessories ”.

“In Mexico, despite my efforts to choose actors whose physique did not necessarily evoke Mexico, I suffered a certain poverty in the mediocre quality of the napkins, for example: I couldn’t show more than one. And that was from the maquiladora, which lent it to me ”.

The film received the award FIPRESCI of international critics and Award of the Society of Film Writers in Cannes in the year 1962.