Reasons why Miniso is your best Christmas exchange option

The Japanese chain of stores Miniso has attractive branches.

The prices of the products are so affordable that it is tempting to buy.

The change in the way consumers buy also benefits Miniso.

The Japanese brand Miniso has been a resounding success in Mexico to such a degree that it would be the ideal option for the Christmas exchange, as it has been viralized this day on social networks.
Miniso It has affordable prices, fashionable products and attractive branches, without a doubt the perfect formula for a successful store.
According to the MBLM company, the way we buy things has changed a lot in recent years, as revealed by studies such as Brand Intimacy.
It has been shown that our inclination for a certain product or commercial chain derives from an aspirational sense or belonging to the brand.
Although Miniso has been accused of copying various Japanese brands, its success does not diminish.
Co-founder Miyake Junya has been said to be just a hired actor, but it all had little impact on the brand’s surprising success.

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The prices of Miniso range from 20 pesos to 600 pesos; for that amount, their customers have the possibility of accessing fashion products, an ideal niche for young consumers.

Miniso made its debut in e-commerce on the Claro Shop marketplace, owned by Carlos Slim, owner of a third of the brand’s operations in Mexico.
This experience worked to understand the habits of e-commerce buyers in Mexico.
Currently, on Amazon you can also buy everything that you did not know you needed.

Miniso’s cuddly and soft stuffed toys could be a good excuse to exchange in the family, as no one can resist having a cuddly hugger; or wear an eye mask or pillow when sleeping either at home or while traveling.
The variety in the Miniso product offering is so vast that you can give it away from the youngest of the family, to the oldest like Grandma, not forgetting Uncle Grinch who you could steal a smile from when you give him that gadget he’s been looking for .
Home, Health and beauty, fashion, toys, sports, cosmetics, stationery, technology, travel and backpacks are the Miniso categories, it does not matter if you access their online store or go to live the experience in any of their stores.
Exchange at the office? Surely any colleague will be delighted to make their Wish List with the options that Miniso offers. Well, they also have licensed items like Marvel, Scandalous, Hello Kitty and the Pink Panther.

Miniso competes with other Japanese stores in Mexico such as Dokkoi, Yamamoto, Yoyoso, Moa Moa, Minigood or Missha.
Upon entering these stores you will feel the oriental vibe and the Japanese atmosphere around you.
We assure you that you will not leave empty-handed, much less if they choose them for the Christmas exchange.