reasons why it exceeds the debit card

Some people avoid credit cards because they have a notion that if they use them they will have a large debt, for this reason they prefer to keep a debit card under the idea that they will be more calm in terms of their personal finances.

Most people have a credit card, here we tell you some reasons why it is more convenient to have one of these and not a debit card, the key is also to make better use of it so as not to fall into debt.

Build a good credit history. Photo: Pixabay

1. With your credit card you can take care of your bank account

One main reason is that credit cards provide several alternatives to protect against fraud, and it is also separate from your bank account.

On the other hand, the debit ones are directly linked to your account, so every time you make a payment purchase it is done from your funds. Also in case of being a victim of theft, even if you have a basic plan against fraud, you may not be able to get your money back immediately.

On the other hand, with the credit card, the resource you have in your bank account is not counted until you make the payment of your account statement. In addition, if your number is stolen and they make purchases without your authorization, you have the option of putting them as fraud and thus you do not have to pay them until the situation is clarified.

2. Enjoy the benefits

There are a variety of credit cards that handle various promotions or bonuses, for example if you make a trip they can reimburse you in cash for what you spent, there are others that have benefits when you make purchases, such as food, restaurants, etc.

It is evident that in some cards you have to cover the payment of the annuity, however, sometimes the benefits can be more rewarding than the commissions are equal or exceeded.

Another thing to consider is that if you make the total payment of your monthly payment and you do not generate interest, you will be obtaining cash or points by only making your daily purchases.

3. Good credit history

If you have a proper use of your credit card you will be generating an optimal credit history, for this you have to make payments on the indicated date, not have large debts, otherwise your profile will be affected and you will not be able to access other types of benefit.

If you maintain a good profile in your credit you can have access to other types of loans such as a mortgage or acquire a car, in this way it will be easier to obtain authorization and even with a low interest rate.

4. More security in your purchases and trips

Some credit cards have certain protections in these aspects, for example travel delay insurance coverage, which covers the costs of accommodation, food, etc., in case the flight is not on time.

Your purchases also have protection, for example if the item is damaged, it was stolen within the established time after purchasing it, you can have access to coverage to reimburse the cost of the product or exchange it for another piece, of course it only applies if you used your credit card.

In addition, there are guarantees for the article with a year or more of coverage, and this depends on the conditions established by the company.

In the case of debit cards, there is no such coverage, therefore the credit card is a good alternative to use when shopping and when you travel.

Remember to make a responsible use of these plastics so that you do not generate interest and a greater debt, so you can enjoy the benefits they offer you and accumulate a good credit profile.

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