yura fresh xezXEh fIeU unsplashSo many weeks of confinement have led Galicians to look for entertainment alternatives that can be enjoyed in their own homes. One of the most successful is that of games for mobile devices, regardless of whether they are compatible with Android devices and / or from the Apple company.

Among those with the highest download figures in the past month is CodyCross. You have probably heard of it. And it is not for less, since there are constantly many users who comment on aspects related to this game, from the possible codycross answers to the advances that they are achieving little by little.

But what clues have given rise to such a successful success? We are talking about almost a million reviews on Google Play, almost all of them being extremely positive. Next we will describe the main reasons.

Very well adjusted difficulty curve

Games with the PEGI3 label can also be enjoyed by the little ones in the house. This makes it essential for developers to implement a difficulty curve that fits perfectly.

In other words, the little ones must be able to complete some phases, while for adults the more advanced levels must also be challenging. Only in this way is there the possibility of succeeding by covering a wide range of audiences.

As long as players of any age can complete the levels without difficulty leading them to quit the game, the developer team has implemented a helpful hint system.

At certain times, during the course of the game, it is possible to request them. Without being the definitive solution, it provides an idea that allows the user to orient himself on what answer to give.

But what if you don’t hit the key? There is the possibility of searching for solutions on the Internet. This is demonstrated by the very intense Red crossword puzzle. The answer may seem simple once read on specialized websites, but finding it on your own is somewhat complex if that day you are not entirely inspired.

Not getting stuck at any time is essential today to make a video game thrive. Thus, this becomes the first key to the success of CodyCross, although the list goes much further with reasons of enormous weight such as the following.

Benefits for people of all ages

As we have seen in previous lines, CodyCross is fully enjoyable for children, adolescents, adults and even elderly people. Did you know that all of them obtain a series of extremely important benefits?

In the first place, the little ones have improved their school performance. In addition, now that they have seen their teaching activity partially interrupted, it is appreciated to be able to continue practicing with the Spanish language through a friendly and fun environment.

It should not be forgotten that, as with any video game, the main objective is to provide fun. It is precisely because of this that the smallest of the Galician houses do not realize that they are learning while having a great time.

Staying entertained and with a busy mind is another benefit, in this case aimed above all at adolescents and adults in general. Numerous problems have arisen throughout this time of health crisis that we have had to live through, which has been taking high doses of stress for months.

Psychologists recommend spending time a day forgetting about everything negative with a hobby. To this end, there is nothing better than completing the fun CodyCross crossword puzzles.

Quiet and good vibes take over those who choose this alternative home entertainment. In fact, many families are organizing sessions with all the members to thus strengthen the ties between parents, children, siblings, etc.

And what about the elderly? Many are forced to exercise their minds on a regular basis to avoid possible problems such as frequent forgetfulness. Thanks to the CodyCross games, their respective brains remain one hundred percent operational, which is greatly appreciated afterwards.


When smartphones became popular back in 2011, there were not many brands. Competition was scarce, but everything has changed as the years went by. Today a multitude of companies market their respective devices, so it is common to find very different devices: various ranges, disparate years of manufacture, and so on.

CodyCross developers are aware of this. Knowing this, they have shaped a game that runs perfectly on all kinds of phone sets. In addition, the crossword puzzle is a type of entertainment that is perfectly adapted to touch screens, making it a real pleasure to solve them both alone and accompanied.