Reasons Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers

There are many understandable reasons why Albert pujols maybe he decided to sign with Los Angeles Dodgers on the MLB.

Not only Dodgers They were interested in Pujols, but three other teams also made their calls to listen to his demands.

Why sign with the Dodgers? If at first glance it will have less game? Pujols doesn’t have to move to another city; the Angels and the Dodgers play in Los Angeles. In the National League, each team uses a minimum of two pinch hitters per game because when the starting pitcher finishes his job, managers start to enter pinch hitters for the pitchers’ turn. The chances of Pujols getting another championship with the Dodgers is very great; They look like potential World Series suitors after winning it in 2020 and now have a better team, however injuries are expected to leave that team alone. The Dodgers and Albert Pujols were very candid in their business talks and he agreed that he will play for a limited time. Albert Pujols can become the best pinch hitter in the National. Every time the Dodgers visit an American League team, they are 90% certain that they will play both initial and designated hitter.

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