WWE has shortened the names of several Superstars, but the WWE Universe never really understood the reason behind this. Antonio Cesaro became Cesaro, while Alexander Rusev was reduced only to Rusev. More recently, we also saw Buddy Murphy turn into Murphy.

Reason why Rusev and Cesaro had short names

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer finally got some interesting news backstage about the name changes and claims they were Vince McMahon’s decisions. He added that the WWE president wanted to make sure the heel names weren’t good enough. He said:

‚ÄúThere was a meeting and at the meeting, Vince says’ we have to leave that name. If we call him Alexander Rusev, people will start calling him Alex and Alex is not a good name for a heel. ‘ That’s the real reason, that’s why they dropped the name. The same happened with Cesaro. The reason they removed [el nombre] Antonio Cesaro was because Vince said people would start calling him Tony and Tony is not a stub name so we need to remove the name. “

Cesaro is still in WWE, while Rusev was released in the mass exodus earlier this year. Now he is part of AEW like Miro.

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