Miro was fired from WWE on April 15 and then came to AEW last week. That surprising debut was followed by his wife Lana and teammate Natalya getting wiped out on Raw. Some fans thought those two events were connected, but that’s not the case.

During his Twitch broadcast, Miro spoke about his concern that Lana will receive hate after her AEW debut. It can be easy to connect the dots in these two situations, but they are not related.

A titular member of the creative team explicitly told the Ringside News portal that the beating of Lana and Natalya on Raw “had nothing to do with Miro.”

Lana and Natalya were destroyed by Nia and Shayna in RAW for creative reasons

Lana and Natalya were destroyed by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, but there was a reason for it. WWE needed to show the devastation Nia and Shayna are capable of. This was not a way to get back at Lana or her husband at all.

Additionally, he rhetorically asked Ringside News, “Who else are you going to do devastating things to? Unnamed opponents in Underground? For the record, there are some who don’t believe this, but Ringside News confirmed that it is.

Lana and Natalya weren’t too happy with this angle either. The segment was not a decision made as a kind of revenge by the company. This was simply a way to make the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions look strong and they used established superstars to do it.

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