Over the years, various talents from WWE NXT have been brought to the main cast. While some of them found more success on RAW or SmackDown, the others were lost in confusion. But things seemed to have changed since NXT began airing on the USA Network on Wednesday nights. Several superstars said they want to continue with the Yellow mark. And now, some members of The Undisputed Era are rumored to feel the same way.

Adam Cole’s faction enjoys popularity on NXT and they are frequently seen in the main event. They are good in the ring and complement it well with their microphone skills. Overall they are the complete package and make up a villain group that WWE needs right now.

Backstage report on Undisputed Era in NXT

Tom Colohue recently discussed rumors about certain members of The Undisputed Era that they don’t want to go to RAW or SmackDown. It was in response to a question about Adam Cole, and some wondered if he and Undisputed Era will go to the main prince cast in SummerSlam.

Tom Colohue believes that Adam Cole will leave will lose the title to Finn Balor. As for being brought to the main elencp, not all four members of The Undisputed Era like the contract deals they have on the table right now. This is what Colohue said:

“I think when a title competition will lead Finn Balor to the NXT Championship, it is when Adam Cole will lose his title. Undisputed era is in an interesting position. There are contract deals on the table for long-term deals that include being taken to raw or smackdown, but not all four members like the idea. Some of them want to stay on NXT. Of course, there are a lot of people on NXT right now who don’t want to leave, and this is no exception. “

Undisputed Era is easily one of the most dominant factions in WWE today. Only Adam Cole still has a championship on his waist, while the rest of the faction lost their respective titles a long time ago. They certainly have the potential to do well at all brands in WWE. It will be interesting to see what awaits this promising faction.

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