It’s been a few months since Jeff Hardy returned from a long layoff and the Charismatic Riddle has been featured on WWE SmackDown. However, their current rivalry over the blue brand has not been well received by the fan base, and with good reason.

Jeff Hardy’s ongoing history with Sheamus has seen moments such as when he threw urine at the Celtic warrior or what happened at the toast among other segments, along with countless references to Hardy’s real-life struggle with substance abuse. the moment Hardy has changed his life and is doing everything possible to stay sober.

Sports Keeda’s Tom Colohue revealed on his podcast with host Korey Gunz that WWE might be trying to bury Jeff Hardy on his way out as he hasn’t even garnered any significant victory in his feud against Sheamus.

Tom added that WWE reportedly can’t seem to convince Jeff Hardy to sign a new contract. Jeff Hardy is also not interested in putting his signature on paper.

Tom noted that if WWE ends up convincing the former World Champion, the company could start writing stories that really work in Hardy’s favor.

Has Jeff Hardy finished with WWE?

Jeff Hardy’s brother Matt left WWE earlier this year to join AEW, and we can’t rule out the possibility of a possible reunion at Dynamite.

Jeff Hardy missed a considerable amount of time on television due to injuries and other personal problems, and WWE may have added additional time to his contract. So while he may still be a part of WWE’s plans for the coming months, he could leave once his contract ends. That is, of course, if both parties do not agree to a new agreement.

Jeff Hardy is expected to face Sheamus in ‘The Horror Show at Extreme Rules’ in what could mark the end of their rivalry.

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