Realme prepares its official arrival in Mexico and other Latin American countries

Realme he has his sights set on Mexico. The Chinese company started operations in Colombia and already plans to take the next step to expand in Latin America. According to El Financiero, Realme would officially arrive in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Brazil sometime in 2021.

If you experience a kind of deja vu, it is because the brand’s phones began their semi-official distribution at the end of 2019. As with other Chinese manufacturers, Realme used sales channels such as Mercado Libre, doto, Linio or Falabella (Chile). Although they did not have a presence in Latin American countries, they did offer a guarantee for manufacturing defects.

Now the company decided to take the next step in its strategy to obtain a greater market share. The OPPO subsidiary will focus on young people, as it happens in other countries and being faithful to the principles of the brand. According to Cristián Barrios, Realme sales manager, the company leverage the experience they have in other emerging markets to apply in the region.

Realme’s arrival in Latin America will take place at an important moment. Despite the fact that competition in the region remains close with manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi or Samsung, the reality is that the pandemic has changed the landscape of consumers.

The COVID-19 pandemic and crisis present an opportunity for Realme

realme 7 Pro with Instagramrealme 7 Pro

With a world plunged into a recession, the availability of cell phones with good specifications and affordable prices becomes a necessity. That’s one of the reasons why Xiaomi has swept several countries by positioning its cheap terminals like the Redmi Note.

By contrast, Samsung let go of a chance And although it seeks to reorient its strategy with the Galaxy A series, Chinese manufacturers are eating the market. At the same time Huawei suffers a crisis caused by restrictions imposed by the US, which prevent you from using Google services on their terminals.

Realme has a chance to position itself. According to Barrios, the impact of the pandemic has limited the amount of money young people are willing to spend. The price of the Realme in the region would start at 115 euros (2,740 pesos), although it was not confirmed which models will be available.

The most recent terminals that the Asian brand announced are the new Realme 7 Realme 7 Pro, two mobile phones focused on the mid-range with good specifications and a price that starts at 179 euros (4,268 pesos). The manufacturer also launched a 5G variant that costs 229 euros (5,450 pesos).

For the moment the exact date that Realme will expand to Mexico is unknown and the rest of the countries mentioned. The idea of ​​the company is to open physical stores and grow the workforce in the region.

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