Real Zaragoza is condemned by an own goal from their goalkeeper

The Alcorcón stormed this Monday the fortress where the Real Zaragoza had managed to convert The Romareda in the last days to adjust the lower zone and leave the ‘blanquillo’ team with water up to their necks again.

The Madrid team won the vital duel of the lower zone, achieving three gold points in their fight to continue in the silver category, thus giving a double blow to the hand team, on the one hand for the victory and on the other for making up for that unfortunate match of the first round that ended in a draw, but that an improper alignment of the potters meant the defeat in the offices.

The Madrilenians achieved their second consecutive victory and they are put with the same points, 26, that the team that marks the salvation, the Sabadell, while the Aragonese team is one of the relegation.

The set of Juan Ignacio Martinez could have put land in between with his more direct rivals with a victory but after losing the stability he was showing in The Romareda Life becomes tremendously complicated again after a game in which his rival was much more intense throughout the game although he was fortunate to win with a own goal by goal Cristian Alvarez.

The latest Zaragoza results, with only one defeat in the last seven meetings in which he added 14 points out of 21 possible, suggested that he had found the formula to leave the lower zone but the hardness of the Second division It became evident once again showing that to win you have to be very fine, something that he did not achieve against the Madrid, who ended a streak of four consecutive victories for the Aragonese in their fiefdom.

The intense and high pressure of the Madrid team from the kick-off drowned out the ideas of a Real Zaragoza surprised and that he was unable to retain the ball in his power so he used the resource of long balls in view of the impossibility of playing them.

The men of Anquela they stole the ball quickly and managed the game at will, although in the first half hour no one was able to reach the rival area with clarity, only frustrated approaches by the local defense.

In the last quarter of an hour of the first period, however, there was more presence in the areas, due to skill in set pieces because they were unable to twist the game until they reached the area and by the visitors both in play and in strategy but none at the door.

The auctions of Alex Alegría and Juanjo Narváez They narrowly left while for the foreign team Fidel Escobar and Marc Gual also had the option but, like the Zaragoza fans, they finished slightly off the track.

The second half started with a Real Zaragoza who managed to recover the ball but immediately his rival took command and in a corner put the 0-1 in 65 ‘, in a failure of the goal Cristian Álvarez, that not only was he not able to clear his fists but he ended up putting the ball into his goal.

The locals tried to rescue at least one point with more heart than head but the Alcorcón resisted well and he did not suffer to take a great booty.

[+] See the summary of the match:

0 – Real Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Vigaray (Tejero, m.81), French, Jair, Francés, Chavarría (Vuckic, m.89); Bermejo (Iván Azón, m.81), Francho (Zapater, m.68), Eguaras, Narváez; James (Adrián, m.68) and Alegría.

1 – Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez; Laure, Escobar, David Fernández, José León, Bellvis; Aguilera (Arribas, m.82), Nwakali (Hugo Fraile, m.94), Juanma Bravo; Ojeda (Gorostidi, m.82) and Marc Gual (Xisco, m.82).

Goal: 0-1, Cristian Alvarez, pp (m. 65)

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva (Galician Committee). He cautioned Chavarría with a yellow card.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 26 of Second played at the La Romareda stadium behind closed doors.