Real Sociedad – FC Barcelona, ​​result of the extension live

Min 115. Januuuuuuzaj! Had it Real with the Belgian’s shot but it was sensational Ter Stegen that draws a decisive hand.

Min 114. Change in Barça. Comes out Mingueza And enter Junior.

Min 112. Stop Remiro! Soaring ball that manages to connect Griezmann volley and the goal manages to catch it with a providential jump.

Min 110. Providencial Araujo! Got away Oyarzabal from the entrance of Lenglet, hindered him in the race and came in the key aid Araujo to swipe the ball when he was already on the area.

Min 106. Field change and the second part of extra time starts.

Min 105. The first part of the extension ends! Follow the 1-1.

Min 103. Change in Real Society. Leaves For your And enter Januzaj.

Min 100. Providencial Remiro! Does everything right Dembélé, cuts in the area, he is left with the frank shot but shoots centered and loose. He is caught by the meta.

Min 97. Yellow for Mingueza for grabbing Barrenetxea that was going by band.

Min 94. Ter Stegen stop! Whiplash Zaldúa that stops the German with one hand.

Min 92. There were changes in both teams. For him Barça they leave Pedri and Busquets, and enter Riqui Puig and Pjanic. And for the Real Society they left the field Gorosabel and Isak and they entered Zaldúa and Willian José.

Min 91. The extension of Real Sociedad – Barcelona starts!

Regulation time is over, We’re going to extra time (1-1)! There are another 30 minutes left for both teams. Tremendous effort from both teams who will arrive very tired at this final stage.

Min 90. Merino! Very close corner kick that connects the midfielder but the rear repels it.

Min 85. With five minutes to go, it seems that both teams are waiting for extra time. Many tired players at this point.

Min 81. Now turn of the Real: leaves Guridi And enter Barrenetxea.

Min 78. It goes Braithwaite And enter Trincao, first change of Barça.

Min 77. Pedri! Right hand of the canary after sneaking into the repellent area Remiro to corner.

Min 75. Many inaccuracies in this section of the game. The legs are heavy for both teams, the effort is being very high.

Min 70. Poooortu! The winger tried with a right-handed shot as soon as he stepped on the area. It is going astray.

Min 68. Tiredness begins to be noticed in both teams, especially in the Real Society which is giving a lot to press up. The ball, for the moment, is nobody’s.

Min 62. Dembélé! Against vertigo Barcelona that drives Of Jong, He gives in the front to the French, the caracolea and hits him with his left foot very tight to the post. It brushes it on the outside.

Min 59. Griezzzzzman! The French had it. Ball of Busquets to the second post where he has the flank hit the Little Prince but he exceeded his strength and sent it high.

Min 58. Yellow now for You Normand for cutting one against Dembélé.

Min 57. It is much more involved in this second part the Real Society. The goal has given wings to the team of Sheriff.

Min 54. The first yellow of the party is for Dembélé due to lack of Isak, that was going straight to the goal of Ter Stegen. Dangerous foul for the Real.

Min 53. Salvador Gorosabel! Stood alone Of Jong in the area, he cut a defender but the second anticipated to intercept the ball and the midfielder kicks him committing a foul. Koeman I asked for a penalty …

Min 52. GOOOOOOOL OF OYARZABAL! Real Sociedad tie (1-1).

Min 51. The VAR ratifies the penalty! Goes to launch Oyarzabal.

Min 50. He VAR He is reviewing the play, whether it is outside the area, whether it is a hand or the contact is legal.

Min 49. Penalty in favor of Real Sociedad by De Jong!

Min 46. The second part begins in El Arcángel!

21:55. Has alternatives Sheriff on the bench of the Real society to give his team a twist in the second part. He needs one goal to equalize and two to be in the final. They are these: Ayesa, Zaldua, Aihen, Sagnan, Zubimendi, WIllian J., Januzaj, Barrenetxea and Bautista.

The first part of The Archangel finished! The Barcelona with that minimum advantage after the initial goal of De Jong. The Real society, who had several dangerous actions to strike the first blow. He Barça, patiently, he moved the game to his ground and between Braithwaite and Griezmann they toasted the 0-1 that is on the scoreboard to the Dutch midfielder.

Min 44. Long play now from the Real Society that ends Monreal with a low center that crosses the entire area without finding a finisher.

41 min. Answer Isak! Whiplash from the Swede from the front who has to spit with his gloves Ter Stegen.

Min 40. Barça’s goal to get ahead in The Archangel. Start the play Braithwaite, that receives from the back, turns and goes deep into the area to Griezmann. The Frenchman centers and an arriving De Jong to head a ball with great merit: 0-1.


Min 36. Nobody tunes! Arreón now from Barça which he enjoyed a couple of times. Pedri he sneaked into the area but did not finish, yes they did Griezmann and Dembélé, none with success.

Min 32. More lucid minutes of the Barcelona. He has more the ball and is finding shot options with greater assiduity. The Real, crouched, waiting.

Min 29. Braithwaite’s header is almost on target! Very long play of the culés that ends with a center of Mingueza on the right for the Danish’s forced finish.

Min 26. Now Braithwaite! Good ball that the Dane receives with his chest, lowers it and manages to shoot with his left foot before the defenders hit him. His shot stops him in two times Remiro.

Min 23. Lenglet! Far shot from the center from 30 meters with his left foot that goes off a bit. It is difficult for him to produce in the area Barça.

Min 17. STOP FOR TER STEGEN! What about the German and what against the Real. Again Isak in the area, he finishes off but the goal blaugrana covers him well.

Min 16. Again the Real! Quick attacks, short but effective plays. The team of Sheriff although at the moment without aim. Lateral center connecting Isak very very bad. He goes to the stands.

Min 13. Now it’s Le Normand! A corner kick that the central defender hunts at the penalty spot with his head. She goes centered and catches her safe Ter Stegen.

Min 12. Pooooortu! He manages to receive the end inside the area, positioned himself and hit him with speed with his right hand. It leaves him astray. Notify the Real.

Min 10. Hunting Busquets to Merino that writhes in pain on the floor. The referee says he touched the ball. He didn’t whistle anything.

Min 7. Very high the intensity of the meeting in these first minutes. Nobody dominates clearly and there are many interruptions. Any mistake can pay dearly.

Min 4. Isaaaak! Swede’s head after a good cross For your. He is overlooked, he did not connect well.

Min 2. Press hard and high on the Barça. It requires him to go out very quickly to the culés and, for now, it costs them.

Min 1. Real Sociedad – Barcelona starts!

20:56. So does the Real society: Remiro; Gorosabel, Zubeldia, Le Normand, Monreal; Guevara, Mikel Merino, Guridi; Portu, Isak and Oyarzabal.

20:53. This is how the Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Mingueza, Araujo, Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Pedri; Dembélé, Braithwaite and Griezmann.

20:50. Ten minutes to start Real Sociedad – Barcelona of the first semifinal Spain Supercup. We remember the lineups!

20:45. Very cold night today in Córdoba. 4th mark the thermometer in El Arcángel and some players no longer know what to wear to gain heat. Go to Griezmann.

20:40. In fact, the trident of the txuri-urdin add more goals than that of Barça. All five of For your, the four of Isak and the seven of Oyarzabal in LaLiga they give credit to the potential of the Real.

20:35. Portu, Isak and Oyarzabal, the Real society it’s pure speed. Attacking the spaces and playing the backlash will be the initial plan of the Basques and this usually generates problems for the Catalans.

20:30. Nine goals today add the trident culé in LaLiga. Two for Dembélé and Braithwaite and five for Griezmann. Alone Messi He’s been 11 this season. Loses hit the Barça tonight without the Argentine.

20:25. This is how he stepped on Barcelona the Archangel before starting the warm-up before tonight’s duel.

20:20. At dock of Sheriff Ayesa, Zaldua, Aihen, Sagnan, Zubimendi, WIllian J., Januzaj, Barrenetxea and Bautista will be present tonight on behalf of the Real society.

20:15. Notably Leo Messi He won’t even sit on the bench tonight. The club reported that it is ruled out and will not be able to join the second part. He had four goals in the last two games and seemed to regain his best level.

Thus, alternates They are Neto, Iñaki Peña, Dest, Pjanic, Riqui Puig, Trincao, Umtiti, Junior and Ilaix.

20:10. And this is the lineup Real Society tonight of the Spanish Super Cup: Remiro; Gorosabel, Zubeldia, Le Normand, Monreal; Guevara, Mikel Merino, Guridi; Portu, Isak and Oyarzabal.

20:06. This is how the Soccer Club Barcelona, without Leo Messi neither Dest.

Ter Stegen; Mingueza, Araujo, Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Pedri; Dembélé, Braithwaite and Griezmann.

20:03. We have surprises with the lineups: Leo Messi does not play!

20:00. Good afternoon! Welcome to this live match between the Real society and the Barcelona Soccer Club, first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup in the New State The archangel From Cordoba. The first finalist of the tournament will come out of this match and will face the winner of Athletic de Bilbao – Real Madrid tomorrow Thursday.

The great doubt in the Barça is Leo Messi. The Argentine ended his match against him with some discomfort Pomegranate and in today’s morning session prior to the game he was not with his teammates. Ronald Koeman He already assured that he was touched but his feelings were positive before the possibility of having the 10. Like Messi, Araujo neither did he train with the group. Both are in the Dutch squad but their contest in the Super Cup is not certain. Braithwaite and Mingueza would be those who would take their place in the theoretical eleven holder.

For its part, in the Real Society important men like Aritz elustondo or David Silva, both out of the call. The team of Imanol Sheriff The season started strong but I am immersed in a powerless run of results since November. Except for the derby against him Athletic who won by the minimum with the goal of For your (0-1), the rest were losses or draws. A victory in the last 12 games that is summarized in seven draws and four defeats.