Updated on 05/24/2020 at 13:47

May 24 is a day marked for the madridismo. Two conquests of Champions League in Spanish finals thanks to goals from two references and great wardrobe leaders. From Raúl González to Sergio Ramos. The eighth and the tenth that magnified the imposing figure of the dominator of the competition and destroyed the dream of Valencia and Atlético de Madrid.

The times of conquest of the European Cup and the dominance of the world with the Intercontinental Cup returned after years of shadows in European competition for the Real Madrid. Of the 32 years it took for the seventh to arrive, the first with the name of Champions League, the color premiere; the only two he needed to repeat success with the eighth.

The most desired was the tenth, in 2014, almost an obsession after twelve years in which the Real Madrid he lost some of his prestige entangled in a curse in the knockout stages. He had overcome it thanks to José Mourinho, but the glory went to Carlo Ancelotti. And especially Sergio Ramos With a goal that changed history in the last second causing one of the biggest outbursts in a hobby that saw how the final escaped to the house of the neighbor, Atlético.

The rojiblanco team stroked the ‘orejona’ for more than an hour. The Madrid final at Lisbon’s La Luz Stadium started conditioned by a bet by ‘Cholo’ Simeone who ended up paying. Diego Costa starred in a miraculous recovery from injury and not even his limping warm-up put his ownership back. Nine minutes held in the field. A change that later diminished his team when his strength was lacking.

The hero of the ninth. Iker Casillas, had made an improper mistake to his legend. A false start after a corner from the same corner in which Modric would later put the miraculous ball to Ramos, was used by Godin to overtake Atlético. To the Real Madrid An agonizing fight awaited him against a defense that never faltered in a game marked by the physicist, above football. None of the attempts with power from Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo found the goal.

On the last play of the game, a corner kick to which everyone prayed. The madridistas waiting for the miracle and the athletes, wishing to hear the final whistle. And Ramos joined his name at minute 93 for life. Rising with authority and finishing off a tight head to a stick to change history. “The goal is not only mine, it belongs to all the madridistas who have pushed to the end”he said as soon as he proclaimed himself champion.

It was the key to the tenth, because Atlético no longer had more in overtime and fell with his head high before a Real Madrid who unleashed his offensive potential with goals from Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano from a penalty (4-1). Was the European Cup of maximum suffering, the one that left samples of the winning Madridista DNA, a team that never gives up and fights until the end. The beginning of a new undisputed reign.