Real Madrid will be able to spend more than Barcelona

For the first time in a long time, a social and economic crisis has not been unrelated to the world of football, which has suffered as another sector the devastating consequences of the coronavirus. Something that is evident in the publication of this Tuesday of the League of the salary limits of the 42 Spanish professional clubs: The Covid-19 crisis has depleted the coffers of the teams in our country, which have suffered a notorious drop in the salary limit of their staff.

The salary limit, also called the staff cost limit, is the maximum amount that each club can consume after the winter transfer market. This amount includes the salaries of the players and three members of the coaching staff: first coach, second coach and physical trainer of the first team.. In addition, this figure includes spending on affiliates, quarry and other sections of the club. It is a concept that came into force in 2013 from the hand of Javier Tebas and that calculated by subtracting non-sports expenses from all income.

Barça collapses and Madrid leads

Real Madrid returns to the head of the Santander League in terms of salary limit: the entity chaired by Florentino Pérez has 468,529 million euros according to the publication of La Liga. A figure that, despite falling by 80 million, puts it back in a first position that in recent years had occupied the Barcelona, the club with the largest reduction in its salary cap. The Catalans have suffered a drop of almost 300 million euros: last year they had a salary limit of 656,429,000 euros.

This is the salary limit for all La Liga teams: Real Madrid will be able to spend more than Barcelona

Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla and Villarreal Together with the two greats of Spanish football they complete the top 5 of the salary limit. For its part, I raised, Huesca Y Elche occupy the last three positions in the amount of their salary limit. The people of Elche are the ones who can invest the least expenses in the salaries of their workforce, with a total of 34.6 billion euros.

The causes of a general decline

The absence of the public in the stands of the Spanish stadiums, with all that this entails, has been the most damaging economic consequence of this coronavirus crisis. The teams do not sell tickets, they have seen how the number of subscribers has been reduced significantly, the income has dropped after the inactivity of the past months … All this explains the general decrease in the salary limits of the 42 Spanish professional clubs.

However, this drop may be more drastic starting next season. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs will prohibit betting houses from sponsoring Spanish clubs as of August 30, among other measures that will restrict the advertising of this type of company to the maximum. Thus, Spanish clubs will have to terminate their contracts with bookmakers and will stop earning about 80 million euros. Something that is sure to be noticed in salary limits that have already dropped a lot due to COVID-19.