Real Madrid: The Glasgow exam ends with only two passes: Rodrygo and Lunin

The Glasgow exam he left a handful of suspensions in Ancelotti’s eyes. With the heavyweights still absent, they were many players who had the opportunity to claim against Rangers and step up in the hierarchy of the team. Something they just did Rodrygo and Lunin, the only ones who passed the first major test.

Rodrygo already warns Ancelotti: great goal against Rangers, breaking two rivals at the same time

Lunin, outstanding

Test more than passed for the Ukrainian goal, which was outstanding under the sticks and avoided a blushing result for Madrid, especially in the first half. He left interventions of great merit and surely solved the great amount of work that he had in the first 45 minutes. In the second half he could not avoid the Rangers comeback. Your mission to unseat Courtois It is impossible, but he has made it clear that it is a guarantee when the Belgian is absent.

There is a goalkeeper beyond Courtois: Lunin’s saves against Rangers

Rodrygo, daring and unbalancing

Along with Lunin, the only one I passed the Glasgow exam with good marks. The Brazilian was daring and unbalanced and from his boots came the only interesting thing that Madrid did against Rangers. He scored a great goal after ‘sitting down’ Goldson and Davis and surpass the goal with class Mcgregor. Besides, he left other actions full of quality and verticality of which Ancelotti took good note.

Odegaard, very little

The Norwegian continues to light years of the performance he offered at Real Sociedad before returning to Madrid. He left very little to Rangers and had little influence on the team’s offensive game. His only quality detail was the one he led in the first half to assist Rodrygo, before the Brazilian’s move to overtake Madrid. His star still does not shine white.

Lucas out of place

Lucas Vzquez I renewed to compete with Carvajal on the right side and meet the needs of Madrid to have two players per position. Yesterday, due to circumstances, had to advance his position to make room for Odriozola in defense and suffered in an area of ​​the field in which he had not played for months. Possibly no longer for these ‘battles’ in attack and its conversion to the side is more than a need for a template. From a loss of his came the goal 1-1 for Rangers.

Isco, with little presence

Malaga is another one that is played a lot in these weeks of preseason and market because their future is up in the air. More with performances like today against Rangers. Preparation issues aside, Isco had no presence in the match nor did he convey any feeling of taking a step forward in his level of play, so questioned in recent seasons.

Marcelo, overcome

His renewed illusion with the arrival of Ancelotti and his status as first captain is not enough. Their competitive level is still far from what Real Madrid demands. Surpassed defensively while he was a winger, it was impossible for him to hold Wright. In attack, a good assist to Arribas and little else. It is difficult for Ancelotti to resist the temptation to continue betting on Miguel Gutirrez, as Zidane did., the time it takes Mendy to be available.

Jovic, ‘disappeared’

The Serbian still does not take advantage of his opportunities. He was not seen in the 45 minutes he played against Rangers. With a new coach and the late return of Benzema, an ideal scenario opens up for him to reclaim himself in the preseason and recover lost ground. But nevertheless, has been 12 days out of group dynamics due to physical discomfort and his game against Rangers was disappointing. He is agreeing with the club, which has him on the market.

Odriozola, with problems

Another of the players who are in the spotlight and who could not give a blow of authority against Rangers. Suffered beautifully to hold Kent and he had no danger in attack, his strong point. I finished at a good level last season, but his first test against Ancelotti did not go as expected.

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