Real Madrid: Real Madrid signs the fourth most expensive sale in its history

The transfer of Varane to United, which is around 50 million euros, means the fourth most expensive sale in the history of Real Madrid, with the added credit of the difficult situation facing the football market as a result of the pandemic.

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Varane leaves a gap that is difficult to fill at the sporting level after 10 years at Real Madrid, half of them being ‘titularsimo’ in the center of the white defense with Ramos as a partner. But economically, Madrid secures a huge sum of money by a player who contract ended next season.

An amount of money that Madrid enters that only surpasses the sales of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in 2018 (105 million euros), that of Morata to Chelsea in 2017 (80) Y Di Mara, also to Manchester United as Varane, in 2014 (75). Behind these three stands a Varane who arrived in Madrid at the age of 18 in the summer of 2011 for just 10 million euros. A decade later and after 18 white titles, the 28-year-old Frenchman leaves, leaving around 50 million euros.

Strategic business

An operation economically impeccable for Madrid, that in view of Varane’s refusal to renew, he runs the risk of suffering in his flesh a ‘Praise case’ and lose the player for free. But nevertheless, United’s appearance on the scene and his desire to have the player for this season without waiting for his contract to end has allowed the Whites close a deal for which you enter a significant amount of money.

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An operation that, taking into account the ambitious target of fighting for the signing of Mbapp, represents a great strategic move to face what would be the most expensive signing in the club’s history.

Setting the bar on 50 million euros that approximately to enter Madrid by the sale of Varane, the transfer of the French is located above other important sales of the club such as those of zil (to Arsenal for 47 million), Kovacic (to Chelsea for 45), Robinho (to City for 43) or Achraf (to Inter for 40).

Madrid had the main objective of the current market to make an important sale and it has already achieved it with the transfer of Varane. To a large degree, the ‘Operation Mbapp’ It was going through a movement like the one that has just taken place with the French central. Now the club continue to intensify work on the ‘Operation exit’, but the sale of Varane bring peace of mind because one of the main objectives of the market is fulfilled.

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