Real Madrid player feels more pressure playing video games than soccer

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One of the favorite activities of many professional footballers is gaming and thanks to the fact that they have enough free time to have a good time playing, some have ventured into the world of streaming. Recently, attention was focused on Casemiro, Real Madrid’s medium, who showed off his passion for video games, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

More pressure in a video game than playing for Real Madrid

The Marca newspaper dedicated a report to Carlos Henrique “Casemiro”, a Real Madrid player who not only gives something to talk about on the pitch, but also in gaming, and he recently opened his Twitch channel, formed an esports team, Case Esports , and has fun streaming. According to what Casemiro expressed about his experience in video games, one of the reasons that led him to stream was the possibility of being closer to the public, since contact on Twitch is direct and there is no limitation that may exist. by belonging to one of the best teams in the world.

Casemiro, Real Madrid playerCasemiro, Real Madrid player

However, this does not mean that everything is fun, as Casemiro pointed out that during some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games he has felt more pressure than playing a game with Real Madrid and is that the proximity of the chat and the mocking comments If he doesn’t play well, they are more present than anything shouted from the stands of a stadium: “without a doubt, people are much closer and when I fail, there is some insult. When I play CS: GO I get a lot more nervous there, than playing at the Bernabéu. I feel more pressure with people watching me play video games live than football. “

On the other hand, Casemiro revealed that the option to stream motivated him a lot because in reality he is a shy person and although it seemed somewhat overwhelming to put his face in front of thousands of viewers from around the world in an environment as closed as a video game stream In the end, it turned out something positive, which amuses him and makes him feel good.

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