The signing of Julien Faubert still goes a long way. When 11 years have passed since his signing (and his stay) for Real Madrid (he only played 54 minutes in two games) from London’s West Ham, now the name of the French footballer comes back to the fore for another matter. Yvan Le Mée, one of the agents who participated in that operation and who also manages the interests of current winger Ferland Mendy, has developed a television series project, which will deal with the football agent industry.

Mercato call and starring Italian actor Salvatore Esposito, known for the series Gomorrah, the series is made up of three seasons of 10 episodes each. “The idea was to mix all the operators in the market to give it authenticity. It is not autobiographical, but it is more or less based on my life, ”explained Le Mée in The Guardian. The plot tells of the rise of a player agent who becomes King Midas of the footballers’ business by getting Juventus to sign a player he represents for 300 million euros. Le mée is currently negotiating with various production companies to sell the television rights to start filming.

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Le Mée himself spoke in The Guardian about this project and even He told how the negotiation between Madrid and himself was for the signing of Faubert, carried out a few hours after the closing of the winter market: “They called me and I didn’t believe it. So I called a friend in Spain and said: ‘Look, someone from Real Madrid who called me for Faubert. It’s so strange … “After a while he called me back:” Yvan, it’s true. They want to see you tomorrow at 7 in the morning at Heathrow airport. Madrid wanted Valencia, but its high price slowed it down. The second option was Faubert. He had met Juande Ramos’ Tottenham and had made two great games. Juande was the Whites’ coach at the time. That was the reason he had this opportunity: sometimes miracles can happen. ” For this series, Le Mée has also had the help of former Olympique de Marseille president Jean-Michel Roussier, journalist Messaoud Benterli and Romain Alessandrini, a former player who has shared costumes with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at La Galaxy. Everything be for ‘Mercato’…