Real Madrid: Madrid want Goretzka free next year and have already communicated it to the player

The Real Madrid has become accustomed to fishing with great success in the home of one of his historic rivals, the Bayern Munich. Did it with Kroos, that came for barely 25 million euros in the absence of a year to finish the contract and that was a success. This season he has done it again with Praise, although the player arrives free for what has not even been necessary to pay transfer. And next year Madrid has already moved for Leon Goretzka, to the extent that, according to Bild reveals, The white club has already let the midfielder know that they will go for him if he also exhausts his contract, ending in June 2022.

The reality is that the maneuver fits wherever you look. It is clear that Real Madrid has to renew its midfield and that it will not be done this year due to the economic situation. Modric, at 35, has renewed for one more season, Kroos, who left the national team at the age of 31, hopes to continue at Madrid after two more seasons, as he himself has confessed, and then I’ll see, so It is urgent to look for players of his level for the short term.

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Goretzka also fits perfectly for Madrid. He is a proven player who, coming from Bayern, knows how to handle the pressure of the white club. He is a key piece in the selection and in the Bavarian club And, as if that were not enough, Madrid has always thrown him and they know it in the white house. At 26, he would also arrive at the best age to give a great performance.

In fact, Goretzka already slipped the leaders of the white club, through intermediaries, his desire to wear white. However, at that time in Madrid they dismissed him arguing to the footballer that they already had Kroos.

Bayern, as already reported last June Sportbild, has already tried unsuccessfully to renew the midfielder’s contract to avoid another case Praise. However, the player has always rejected the proposal according to this medium and had already ordered his agent to listen to offers.

However, according to Bild also reports, Madrid will not logically be the only club interested in Goretzka and more if he is free. The United, who may lose Pogba this summer or the one who is also finishing his contract, is looking for reinforcements in the core and this player fits them.

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