Real Madrid: Florentino Pérez responds to Zinedine Zidane’s farewell letter

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, responded to the farewell letter of French coach Zinedine Zidane after his departure from the ‘Merengue’ team for the next season 2021-2022 was made official a few weeks ago, where his place is now occupied by the Italian Carlo Ancelotti.

In an interview granted to Onda Cero, Florentino Pérez assured that he has not read Zidane’s farewell letter and added that it is most likely that said letter was not even written by him, since he is surprised by the claims that appear in it.

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“Knowing him did not surprise me, it was one of the possibilities. I know him, this year has been hard and one also gets tired of being a coach, it is very hard. I fought for him to stay. Zidane is very simple, when he says he wants to go is already gone. “

“I have not read your farewell letter, I swear by my grandchildren. They told me it was not good and whoever wrote that letter told me it was not him. I have known him since 2001 and he has all the virtues in the world, I love him I wish him very much and I wish him the best. He will have an important sports professional life, he has the illusion of also being France coach and he will surely achieve it, “he added.

“A coach who does four press conferences a week ends up exhausted. It is a gag of the trade, he got tired. Zidane has been treated well by people and part of the press, another not. But he knows that the press is So”.

“I felt he was tired but not from me, from the press, from the media. We have not had a bad season because in the two competitions we have finished well although we have not won them. It has not been a normal year, it is not to judge badly to the coach, “he said.

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