Real Madrid: Florentino Pérez proclaims himself indispensable for football

The president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez spoke of different issues that involve the president, such as the failed attempt at a European Super League, the departure of Sergio Ramos and the new white signings.

President Merengue left some phrases to frame, among which stand out that he once again proclaimed himself as the ‘savior of football’.

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“We lose eight billion and Ceferin increases his salary. There are people who have privileges and want to continue maintaining them. He has already wanted to kick us out of the Champions League, but the courts have prohibited it.

“The Super League is not closed, it is open. It is a League that all we want is for them to buy it. Sevilla and Villarreal, for example, will have their accommodation. We start from the history that each one has. The audiences decrease and we will have We have to start with those clubs that have more followers. A Roma game does not have the same appeal as a United game. “

Florentino assured that since his arrival to the presidency of Madrid he has focused on feeding the history of the team.

“I came to change the world of football. My father taught me the values ​​of Real Madrid and I have contributed to improve it. Madrid is so great that I can only remember the good things, never the bad.

“The only thing I have wanted is to continue nurturing the history of this team. I want to be judged as president of Real Madrid. Football, in general, needs me,” he said.

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