Real Madrid: Borja Fernndez jokes: “The one who should have weighed the 4th was Sergio Ramos”

The ‘4’ of Real Madrid changes hands. De Sergio Ramos to David Alaba. The weight of the number is proportional to the void left by the former captain on the way to Paris and the Austrian, who presented this Wednesday, had no problem assuming it.

“I spoke to the club about this, they offered me this number and I think there was no other number available, and I know what this number means to the club. It is an honor to wear it and it is something that motivates me a lot. It is a number that represents strength and leadership “, confessed the former Bayern.

The camero picked up the witness from Fernando Hierro, as another 4 club legend, although in between there were some more.

One of them has been Borja Fernndez, former white and Valladolid player, among others, already retired, who has joked about the weight of said number, in an image in which you saw him with Ronaldo Nazario.

“What is the 4th of Sergio Ramos going to weigh on Alaba? The one who should have weighed him was Sergio Ramos, who took it after Pap,” he wrote on his social networks.

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