With the future uncertain, one of the most outstanding players of this season of Borussia Dortmund is Moroccan Achraf Hakimi, who has started most of the Bundesliga matches and does not go unnoticed by Zinedine Zidane. Alejandro Camano, representative of the right back, assured that the footballer dreams of the owner of Real Madrid, the team that owns his rights, but knows that it is a difficult situation due to the good performance that Dani Carvajal has in the position.

“He will join Madrid when the championship ends. We will see later what happens. He intends to play games, like this year, which has been in all the starting games. There is no rush, the only intention is to play games on that path of training “said the representative in an interview with Onda Madrid.

“With Madrid there is a magnificent dialogue, and they intend to always have it on their radar and we do not want to get too far away from Madrid. So we will reach an agreement for whatever it is, to stay or leave, but without forgetting that the goal is to play one day in Madrid which for him is the best team in the world. It may be a short road if Madrid offers him to stay longer or longer if he does not stay, but the goal is always the same , finish in the best team in the world, “he said.

Finally, the executive assured that the merengue team does not lose sight of Hakimi, highlighting that the 21-year-old player wants to have the same participation that Dortmud has: “Madrid what it says is that the player is within the players What happens is that Achraf is a different player, he has tested at an extraordinary level and somehow he has all the options to return, knowing that Madrid is one of the best wingers in the world and is also an objective. of fighting to get to the level. “