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Inventor of the World Wide Web puts his original code up for auction as NFT

New York, Jun 24 (.) .- “This changed everything”: it is the name under which Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, will sell the original code with which to the highest bidder within a week it laid the foundations of the internet 30 years ago, in NFT format, through the auction house Sotheby’s. Starting this Thursday, at the New York headquarters a video of more than half an hour is projected with its 9,555 lines composed of letters, numbers and symbols, which are being typed on a black background, and which is part of a digital batch that came out to the market starting from 1,000 dollars and already exceeds 2 million. “We have created this video so that people can visually understand if they are not programmers or if that is not their specialty; so that they can understand what they are buying,” the global head of Science and Popular Culture explained to .. from Sotheby’s, Cassandra Hatton. What they are buying, he emphasizes, is the original code written between 1990 and 1991 by the British scientist, dated and signed by him, which includes the implementation of three languages ​​and protocols -HTML, HTTP and URL- also of his authorship and that ” changed the world forever “, along with the video that displays it. The bundle also includes a representation of the entire code written in the Python programming language, which is like “a digital poster that you can zoom in and out on”, and a letter in which Berners-Lee reflects on the invention and how It has led the world to be as we know it. “THERE IS ALWAYS WORK TO DO” ​​”As people seemed to appreciate the autographed versions of books, and now we have NFT (” Non-Fungible Token “) technology, I thought it might be fun to make an autographed copy of the original code from the first browser from the web “, the physicist and software engineer begins his letter. “I never ever felt that I could relax and sit down to rest, since the web has been and is constantly changing. It is still not the best it can be: there is always work to be done!”, Concludes the letter, in which he thanked the effort of a “gang of collaborators all over the planet”. Sotheby’s highlighted that the NFT up for auction, which will be hosted on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain, will give collectors the opportunity to “own the greatest artifact born of the digital age”, something that has also generated criticism for the decentralized nature of the web. Faced with the controversy, the winner of the prestigious Turing award has responded through the newspaper The Guardian: “The internal codes and protocols of the web are free of rights, as always. I am not selling the web, they will not have to start paying money to follow links “. THE NFT, OBJECT OF DESIRE The NFTs, which are usually linked to “crypto art” but can also refer to other digital content like this, have been experiencing a great boom for months, with the banner of the sale of a token for 69 million dollars signed by artist Beeple at a Christie’s auction last March. “Until the NFTs came, there was no way that people could sell this as an artifact. It was not created to be sold, it was simply created, and now we have the ability to do it,” added the Sotheby’s expert, who recognized its “overwhelmingly positive reception” among the public. The auction of the code, which will be held entirely online and is fierce until the final hammer blow on June 30, was proposed by Berners-Lee himself with the aim of allocating its proceeds to “initiatives” relevant to him and his wife , according to a statement. Nora Quintanilla (c) . Agency

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