real estate companies ask the State to help those who cannot pay

A few days after the appearance of the new registration of rented properties, the real estate companies demand that the rent freeze that expires on March 31 not be extended again and as a solution to the housing problem they launched a series of proposals. Among them is the creation of the Rent card, in the style of AlimentarAr, for the State to help families who cannot afford this expense.

« We propose that tenants with needs to pay the rent can be assisted by the National State through a ‘Rent card’, in the same way that it does with families in their nutritional needs through different programs, such as the AlimentAR card« said the Federal Council of Real Estate Associations of Argentina (CoFeCI).

In the statement, entitled « Real estate in Argentina are part of the solution », the CoFeCI stressed that « in the Argentine Republic, the pandemic has transformed the reality of everyone » and that this has led to « people and families living in delicate situations , with job losses, accumulation of debts and without accessing real solutions « .

« According to the survey carried out by the different Professional Associations, in Argentina, almost 90% of tenants pay their rent on timeOthers do it with delay and only 5% have adhered to the DNU proposal to extend the payment of their obligations, « the entity explained.

« Therefore, from CoFeCI, we understand that continuing with the indefinite extension of the DNU with the current established conditions deepens the problem of tenants, owners and real estate, generating an agonizing uncertainty, » he emphasized. And he considered that « a exceptional measure for an emergency it cannot be prolonged in time because it ends up being counterproductive with respect to the objectives for which it was created « .


Regarding the proposal of reactivation of construction Through tax incentives, he opined that « it would be the fundamental contribution to reduce the housing deficit, also generating genuine labor, collaborating with the reduction of unemployment and promoting the use of national purchases. »