Can you imagine being able to travel to countries like Japan, Germany and England through scholarships and agreements? That and other opportunities are offered by the MAGNO SYSTEM (MAGNO BICULTURAL COLLEGE SALAMANCA and UNIVERSIDAD MAGNO LEÓN) because studying at MAGNO is a life experience.

The M.A.D. Xany Macías González, general director of operations of PROEDUCO, commented that MAGNO is an institution open and accessible to all, which provides learning experiences and fosters the intellectual curiosity of children and young people.

He added that the pedagogical model of SISTEMA MAGNO has as its central axis to train people capable of thinking critically, committed to their environment and capable of proposing and implementing changes or improvements to the challenges that destiny presents to them.

He stressed that in addition to covering what was indicated by the Ministry of Public Education in its model of the New Mexican School, the pedagogical model of SISTEMA MAGNO considers, among other things, a constructivist approach for the development of cognitive and procedural competences, as well as better teaching strategies that lead to the ability of critical and analytical thinking, in addition to promoting the ability to learn-learn, including the ability to solve problems, as well as mastery and liking for reading and mathematical skills.

“Our students build their learning by observing, questioning, debating, experimenting, and practicing.”

He mentioned that being aware that technology is part of the day-to-day, in SISTEMA MAGNO they accelerate learning in a dynamic, close, motivating way and as globalization has impacted the way to communicate through different languages, students will be able to communicate in English, Japanese and German.

The educational offer offered by SISTEMA MAGNO BICULTURAL COLLEGE SALAMANCA ranges from kindergarten to kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school.

At the MAGNO LEÓN UNIVERSITY, in addition to baccalaureate, it offers scholarly degrees focused on sport and health: “We are a university specialized in health and sport, since we develop careers such as Physiotherapy, Sports Training, Recreation and Free Time, and soon Gerontology, which are degrees different, with little supply and high demand in the market ”.

He added that for the experiential practice of these careers they have the highest technology equipment and even for the physiotherapy career a clinic will be opened in which students will be able to learn through real cases, led by professionals, applying the pertinent techniques and the treatment that must be had towards the patients.

Other degrees offered by UNIVERSIDAD MAGNO LEÓN within the Economic-Administrative area are: Finance and Public Accounting, Administration and Tourism; in the Education sector: Psychopedagogy as well as Mixed degrees such as Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Finance and Accounting, Tourism and Administration.

“The advantages of studying a baccalaureate or a university degree at MAGNO is the strengthening of different competences in diverse fields of training such as the humanistic, technological, sports and multicultural ones that will make our graduates good communicators, capable of taking on challenges and adapting to the changes; tenacious, with self-confidence, with a gift of command, enthusiastic by nature, with a passion for knowing more and being efficient ”.

Regarding innovation issues, he mentioned that more than 50% of teaching materials are through digital platforms, as well as state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the highest technology to complement the educational offer.

Among the fundamental factors for the development and growth of SISTEMA MAGNO is that they have several important alliances established with different institutions such as the “National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) of Ibaraki, Japan; the “Goethe Institut” of Germany; “Fundación México México”, “Robotecnia” and the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Higher Education.

He stressed that Magno is one of the three locations in the country for the application of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), which are organizers of the OKTOBERFEST carried out by their high school students in the representative framework of the German Oktoberfest in which the students show their managerial skills, brewing and managing resources, among other skills.

Another event that they organize is the MAW (Magno Habilities Week) or MAGN WEEK that they celebrate in the month of February of each year in which all sections of the school show their skills in various events and / or competitions of languages, technologies, sciences, math, mental calculation and rocket launch, among other academic activities.

It has various agreements with Specialist in robotics, the Goethe Institut that trains in the teaching of German culture and language and the Kosen of Ibaraki in Japan, a school specialized in the training of Engineering, which enrich, strengthen and support its educational model.


SISTEMA MAGNO was born in 2016 from the union of two groups with a recognized business background: GRUPO GUIAR, a leading company in the market for the construction of differentiated housing and social projects, and PROEDUCO del Bajío, AC, a group of academics with a recognized track record national and international in the academic area. This mix of experiences gave rise to MAGNO BICULTURAL COLLEGE SALAMANCA, which in four years positioned itself as the educational leader of that city, with more than 700 students.

MAGNO LEÓN UNIVERSITY began operations in August 2019 with the mission of providing the best comprehensive educational concept that positively transforms the city and the region.

Its CEO, M.A.D. Xany Macías González, has more than 23 years of experience in the country’s educational elite, has developed as a specialist in senior management, commercial and promotional areas of different companies and institutions of higher education nationwide; opening, development and consolidation of educational projects at a higher level.

He is a born leader with great ability to lead highly competitive work teams, always promoting collaborative leadership with extensive experience in Senior Management for the Educational Giro.

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