Ready for Christmas, Kylie Jenner shows off her figure and elegant decoration

Ready for Christmas, Kylie Jenner shows off her figure and elegant decoration (INSTAGRAM)

Ready for Christmas, Kylie Jenner shows off her figure and elegant decoration | INSTAGRAM

There is not a day that the successful businesswoman and socialite Kylie Jenner stops sharing at least one image of her day, so last night was no exception, as the beautiful young woman has published a series of five photographers since her official profile on Instagram, showing us her incredible outfit and her modest and elegant Christmas decorations.

Using a peculiar combination of colors and textile pieces of different textures, they created a phenomenal look, highlighting the immense room, where we can see in the background a huge Christmas pine, somewhat minimalist, well, it is not like most decorated pine trees, since it only has a few white lights placed all around it.

Likewise, the great room has a Elegant Y avant-garde fireplace on the floor, which, contrasts perfectly with the look of the makeup mogul, is also combined with several flames that come out directly from filmable stones strategically placed on the floor, at the end of climbing the steps, this fireplace it’s a truly perfect way to get a little warm on chilly nights, as well as looking great and giving your home a stylish and unique touch.

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Kylie was ready for an elegant and exclusive dinner, where she used an outfit that, in addition to making the model look super elegant, delineates her silhouette in the best way, thus creating the satisfaction of her millions of followers.

It is a loose satin blouse, with a pronounced “v” neck and crossed at the front, the garment in red, highlights to the maximum her voluptuous figure, and her beautiful natural tan that entertained her millions of fans.

For her part, Kylie decided to use metallic pants in orange, which attracts all the attention of the spectators, because in addition to fully enhancing her large and pronounced curves, the cut of the pants causes her to stand out above all else, her tiny waist.

There are five images placed on the profile of the businesswoman, where she is shown posing with great confidence, standing, in order to show us all her outfit to perfection, likewise, there are five poses that she shows us, placing her arms differently way home one of the pictures.

Although, two of them stand out, one, because whoever took the snapshot did not focus the image quite well, so Kylie looks a bit blurred, but this did not affect the businesswoman at all, since He decided to upload it to his profile anyway, since he likes the way it looks.

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In the same way, the last of the series of images has been one of the favorites, well, we take a closer look at Kylie’s torso, managing to appreciate very well her beautiful face and her simple, but very well elaborated makeup, which stands out all her beautiful features.

In addition, she decided to use that sweet but at the same time flirtatious look that characterizes her so much, managing to make her fans fall in love to the fullest, who expressed everything they felt for her in the comment box, which, until now, have come to be more than 24 thousand.

As if that were not enough, the publication still does not arrive 24 hours after being posted on the profile of the youngest of the Kardashian Jenner clan, and it has already gathered 6.7 million likes, showing once again that it does not matter which outfit you decide to wear, be it very uncovered or not, show a lot or show little, Kylie is and will always be the favorite on Instagram.