Reddit defines itself as “the cover of the Internet”, and today we are going to present a very interesting way to consult it. Unim.Press is a web page that will allow us to see Reddit as if it were the cover of a printed newspaper.

The name of this platform is quite an interesting pun. Read in English, “” sounds like “un-impressed” (something that “doesn’t impress” or “isn’t printed”).

The New Reddit Times

Linus, the developer behind this interesting project, claims that he came up with the idea of ​​consuming Hacker News as if it were a printed newspaper, but it was found that this platform was not a good idea for a feed.

That is why he ended up choosing Reddit to test this project, since this service has an API that can be used for projects of this type. The result is a kind of digital newspaper, totally in black and white, featuring some of the most relevant posts of the moment on Reddit.

Its design obviously very reminiscent of the print version of the New York Times. Another interesting point is that the images will fill with color when you hover over them with the mouse.

Window And Unim PressWindow And Unim Press

If we click on any of the images or headlines will take us directly to the original post on Reddit. At the top right we will find a drop-down menu, in which to choose which subreddits we want to see.

The truth is that the design and execution of this idea is great. Many users have commented positively, on platforms such as Twitter or Reddit that they love the experience, and the designer himself has been surprised with the number of visits he is having in recent days.