For real estate companies, having the best real estate advisers is essential not only to guarantee the success of the business, but also to deliver the best experience and attention to clients.

In this game, RE / MAX has managed to build a solid and effective base of collaborators, who, thanks to the various proposals for constant training offered by the firm, have managed to outperform the competitors by far,

Difference you see

When least the report refers to it 2020 RE / MAX vs. The industry, in which, as indicated by Jorge Letayf, director of marketing, RE / MAX Mexico, it is observed that « not only the most outstanding real estate advisers are in RE / MAX, but also leads the brand awareness and global presence « 

From time to time, a survey of large US stockbrokers found, as quoted by Letayf, that “RE / MAX advisers outperform competitors by a significant margin, averaging 15.6 sides of the real estate deal, while only one of the other national brands had an average of more than eight ”.

This has turned the productivity of the more than 130,000 consultants that make up the RE / MAX staff, into a differentiator for the brand, which demonstrates its ability to provide solutions to market demands with special expertise and effectiveness.

« Every situation is a challenge and RE / MAX works very hard to provide solutions for every Real Estate Advisor, » said Adam Contos, CEO of RE / MAX, while noting that « RE / MAX Advisors enjoy the freedom to manage their business on their own terms, but supported by a global brand behind them. That’s a big part of what makes RE / MAX a great destination for motivated Real Estate Consultants, and a smart choice for consumers looking for a qualified professional. ”