Razer’s new gaming chair will make you want to never move; has screen, vibration and more

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CES 2021 is taking place and there are a lot of great products being shown. The most exciting are prototypes or product concepts that may never go on sale. One that caught our attention is a new Razer gaming chair that includes a drop-down screen.

At CES 2021, Razer announced Project Brooklyn, a product it describes as its vision for next-generation gaming chairs. It is an avant-garde chair built with carbon fiber and RGB lighting.

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While aesthetics are important, the reality is that Project Brooklyn wants to be more than just a cool chair. The thing is, it wants to take immersion to another level by having a 60 ”drop-down screen, tactile feedback in the seat, and a surrounnd sound system to make you feel right into the action.

“Project Brooklyn is an exciting concept developed in the true essence of a fully immersive gaming station,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO. “Haptic feedback, visuals, and overall functional design with attention to ergonomics will deliver a unique gaming experience.”

A chair that also seeks to be comfortable and customizable

This all sounds great, right? However, it would mean little if it was uncomfortable and you never wanted to sit on it. Razer knows this very well and this is why they are made so you can spend hours on it.

According to Razer, Project Brooklyn is inspired by its Razer Iskur chair, introduced in October 2022. This means that it features high-density cushions that support the body shape of the person sitting. In addition, it has a leather covered backrest that is built on a robust carbon fiber body to help you maintain a perfect posture.

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We also have the fact that the armrests are modular and hide folding tables. This means that you can choose what you need to have in front of you. Do you want a table to put your keyboard? You can have it. Do you prefer freedom? Remove it without problems.

It is worth mentioning that Project Brooklyn will evolve over time and with community feedback. Thus, it is possible that its commercial version is somewhat different, if it ever exists.

And to you, what did you think of this product? If Project Brooklyn became a reality, would you buy it? Tell us in the comments.

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