I propose you a challenge. Put everything you want in headphones on one side of the scale and on the other side place the Razer Thresher for PS4 and PC. It seems to me that this balance is going to be very balanced.

Razer Thresher for PS4 is perfectly close to wireless headphones

Although it is difficult to choose good headphones, it is even more difficult to have the feeling of having made the right choice. I always advise making a list of the things that you demand and trying to balance the pros and cons of all those that flood the current market. So many brands and so many different products are going to make your head explode as you are not clear what you are looking for. Features and aspects to take into account such as the price and the platform where you need them and want to use them are key and the first factor that should make you lean in a product line. If this product line is a wireless device for PS4, we are both in luck because a great brand in the sector has a product that can be adjusted very much to what is desired. I present you the Razer Thresher for PS4 and PC.

We are dealing with high-end wireless headphones. A product with exquisite finishes, worthy of a brand such as Razer, and with performance at the highest level. The comfort it gives off is appreciated just by picking them up and putting them on your head. They have a self-adjusting headband without the need to adjust the height of the speakers, rotatable to help even more, to focus them on your ears. That helped by a memory foam lined with synthetic leather that fit perfectly to your ears without having the feeling of tight. A wireless equipment supposes to contain batteries in the headphones and with it its excess weight in relation to a wired equipment. It is not a very important aspect but it is certainly imperceptible in the Razer Thresher, the battery has them and we will talk about it later, but they weigh very little and it may seem silly but when you have long sessions of use you start it shows. This is not the case with the Razer Thresher. I am undoubtedly facing one of the most comfortable headphones I have ever had.

Razer Thresher for PS4 is perfectly close to wireless headphones

With the headphones already perfectly positioned we focus on the controls. We have two volume controllers, one on each speaker. In the right speaker we have the sound that comes from the connected device (PS4 or PC), and in the left speaker we have the one that regulates the microphone volume. This is a very useful thing because it allows us to hear ourselves and avoid instinctively raising our voices. Both volume controllers are also a button when pressed, activating or deactivating the audio of the connected device or the microphone activating the mute. A retractable and flexible digital microphone, as Razer has accustomed us in practically all its equipment, and that when activating the mute we will see a red led on its end that indicates this state. The touch reveals the situation of two cable entries and the power button, which activates it we will hear an increasing sound indicating they are active and decreasing when they are turned off.

Razer Thresher for PS4 is perfectly close to wireless headphones

A defect that they have, and that I have always been claiming, is the need to know at any time the level in equipment that depends on stored energy. It is charged by USB and connecting to the micro-usb input of the Razer ThresherGood quality cable included with the kit. When connected, we see a flashing green LED and it becomes fixed when the charge is complete. The full charge time from 0 to 100 ranges from one and a half to two hours, depending on the usb port that we are using, and its duration would be around 14 hours, depending on the use that you give it. The problem is that you cannot know what state the battery is in. If it is at 25, 50 or 75 percent of its capacity. A few simple sounds or a few flashes of LED may be enough to know it, but once again it dispenses with a feature that for me is very important since it will take you to charge the equipment constantly without knowing its status and with the problematic that it can be it for the life of the batteries.

Razer Thresher for PS4 is perfectly close to wireless headphones

Despite highlighting this great defect I want to add that your Razer Thresher they will never leave you lying. When the battery is a few minutes from the end you will hear a beep warning that the equipment is close to turning off. Once it rings you will have approximately ten minutes of use until the shutdown happens but as I say, you will not stay lying until you recharge the batteries. It includes a cable with a mini-jack connection that you can connect from the headset to the PS4 controller, or the device you are using and has a mini-jack connection, turning your headphones into standard stereo equipment that works without the need for batteries . In addition, this cable incorporates a regulator to control the volume and a switch to activate the mute of the mic. It is undoubtedly a masterful solution to a problem that is repeated in many products of this type.

Razer Thresher for PS4 is perfectly close to wireless headphones

The sound quality is equivalent to the level of finish and detail that we discussed. With a simulated 7.1, it incorporates Dolby Headphone technology that gives a feeling of realism with the industry-leading PS4. A very high level of detail, especially in a shooter where clearly hearing footsteps, shots and other people’s noise in general is of vital importance. Here the Razer Thresher majestically. The game with which I have used them the most has been Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and its new Warzone game mode, and I can assure you that when for some reason I have had to stop using it I have noticed the difference, when you use them to dispense with them. noticeable. And not only on PS4 I have tested them, on PC I have given them as much use, or more, than on PS4. Undoubtedly Valorant has enjoyed a good part of those hours of play and again its sound clarity is essential to have an adequate response while playing. But not everything has been playing. The confinement for COVID-19 that we are suffering in Spain has given me the possibility of putting it to the test for my English classes through Zoom and how can it be otherwise they are up to the task for this circumstance. I also highlight its use with Discord for the support I give in the AKB Podcast 2020 and its use through applications such as Voicemeeter. All this without the need to carry out any type of software installation, simply connect to a PC with Windows 10 and ready to be used. Ease of use would be the best way to call it. You may also be missing some kind of pre-configured equalization. It is not something to highlight but there are other teams with similar characteristics that have this option, so this option would be appreciated.

Wireless connection yes, but how? Unfortunately, what everyone wanted would have been through bluetooh, but it is not. This is a 2.4Ghz connection that forces you to use the USB device included with the Razer Thresher. It is not uncomfortable but it is noteworthy, especially since it makes it impossible to use it wirelessly with mobile phones or tablets, although in this regard you will be able to use it via the previously mentioned mini-jack cable if the device has this type of connection . I have even tested them on Nintendo Switch using this cable with a fairly optimal result.

After my experience of using them I can only recommend them as one of the best options on the market. I have had the opportunity to test some equipment with these characteristics and without a doubt the Razer Thresher They should be on the podium. They are comfortable, light and with very decent features. In addition, protected by the Razer brand that always gives us extra confidence after the large number of devices that we have analyzed in this house. Regarding the official price it is, as I write this analysis, at € 169.99 from the purchase in the official Razer store, but if you take a tour of sites like Amazon you can find them around € 120. It is not perfect, of course. I wish they were bluetooh, that they had an equalization system and that it indicated the remaining battery level in the equipment. But if you ignore these details, these headphones should definitely be your best option. Note


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