The stellar pitcher of the rotation of the Tampa Bay Rays, Blake Snell, warned that he will not launch this season because “it is simply not worth it” to do it with a reduced salary and especially for the risk of catching the new coronavirus.

“You have to understand, that I do not go; that I take a cut in wages is not happening, because the risk is through the roof,” he said. Snell while answering questions on a social network. “It is a shorter season, less pay.

“No, I have to get my money. I’m not going to play unless I get mine, okay? And that’s the way it is for me. Like, I’m sorry, you think differently, but the risk is much higher and the amount of money I earn is much lower. Why would I think of doing that? “

The 50-50 revenue split is included in a plan approved Monday by the owners, according to US press reports. It is expected that MLBPA reject that element of the proposal and contradict that a March agreement between the parties guaranteed players a prorated share of their wages.

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Snell, who plans to earn $ 7 million in 2020, said he “loved baseball to death,” but is unwilling to accept multiple reductions in his salary. “Brother, I am risking my life,” he said Snell. “What do you mean, it shouldn’t be one thing? It should be 100% one thing. If I go to play, I should get the money I signed to get paid. I shouldn’t get half of what I’m paid because the season was cut in half, plus a 33% cut from the half that’s already there, so I’m really getting, like, 25%. ”

The winner of the Cy Young Award of the American league He also already pointed out in a message to a local newspaper (Tampa Bay Times), who would be willing to skip the 2020 season and said that the proposal of the owners of an income division is “it is super frustrating because we have much more risk.”