Get to know the first-hand impressions of an elite player who has spent 15 years in the NBA, it is a gift for any fan and that is what it offers Raymond Felton in an interview for Hoopshype. He may not be the most talented or the one with the most imposing physique, but this complete and generous base in his secondary role that has militated this season in the Oklahoma City Thunder, is clear about how the best basketball league in the world has evolved and offers a series of reflections that must be taken into account.

« It is incredible the difference there is in the game now compared to when I started. Before, all the teams were looking for traditional bases, fast, agile, with good defense and vision of the game, but now if you are not a born scorer you have no place in that position It is more important for a baseman to put in 25 minutes than to distribute 15 assists. That only increases the difficulty of playing there, because you can see how the physicist of the bases has evolved, « says a man who has no qualms about speaking of your future.

And it is that the experience of Felton could be used by some teams in the Orlando bubble. « We do not have the coronavirus under control and I have a family. Obviously, I want to play basketball because it is what I like the most in the world, but I would not be comfortable competing in these conditions. That does not mean that I retire, I am going to look for a good contract for the next season. I feel that now the NBA teams are looking for young players and they do not value the veteran, so I would not rule out going abroad, « says a player always to take into account how Raymond Felton, who shows remarkable intelligence and gives unequivocal signs of where the NBA for a long time.