During his career as coach of the French football team, between 2004 and 2010, Raymond Domenech found himself at the heart of several controversies. We remember in particular the day when, in 2008 – when the Blues had just been eliminated from the Euro – he let himself be carried away by emotion and asked Estelle Denis in marriage. An unforgettable moment, filmed by the cameras of M6, which had been widely criticized in the media. Raymond Domenech himself described this gesture as “inappropriate”. Today, although the former coach puts football before the birth of his children, Estelle Denis and Raymond Domenech live a beautiful love story. In 2010, during the preparation for the World Cup, the French team lost a match against Spain. A Facebook application was then created to let off steam (with humor) on Raymond Domenech!

Raymond Domenech accused of racism

The players thus had to manage to increase the coach’s “resignation gauge” as much as possible, with a trip to South Africa during the World Cup. And today, it is mainly because of the Knysna fiasco that Raymond Domenech is still the target of insults. Friday September 11, 2020, Estelle Denis’ husband was victim of violent insults and accusations of racism in a train in the Paris metro. Two individuals took him to task, as we can see in a video widely relayed on Twitter: “We piss you off, don’t give a fuck! Dirty bastard of Domenech, go! Domenech the racist, we piss you off ”, they say. But the reason for these insults can be heard in the background: “Long live Nicolas Anelka!”, Chant the two individuals. As a reminder, in 2010, the French football team had experienced a serious internal crisis. The Knysna fiasco was notably marked by the conflict between Nicolas Anelka and Raymond Domenech.

The striker had been excluded from the squad after allegedly insulting the manager. The Blues then decided to boycott training, by refusing to get off the bus. A strike that has marked the history of the France team, and that some supporters still seem to have their way. In addition, an exclusive documentary on Nicolas Anelka, titled L’incompris, was released this summer on Netflix. What rekindle the anger of the player’s fans. But on Twitter, the video shocked a large number of internet users. “It’s shabby and cowardly! And filming it to make yourself foam is to vomit. Bullshit is definitely the most widespread virus in France… full support for Raymond Domenech ”, commented host Florian Gazan in particular. “A shame, they have nothing in their heads, support for Domenech”, “Coming to insult for free like that is really cowardice”, “All my support in the face of this unacceptable and sadly so daily violence”, can we read on the social network.

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